10 Things I Hate About Having an Art Blog

Sorry to have a public whinge, but I don’t have a therapist, so this is the next best thing ;-)

Most of the time I enjoy looking after Art News Blog, but sometimes it really gets to me and I struggle to log into Blogger! So, here’s ten things that I hate about having an art blog (there’s easily 100 things that I love about having a blog, but I feel like having a whinge today!)..

  1. Web Hosts – Easily the most annoying thing about having any website, not just a blog. Every time I find the perfect web hosting company I start recommending it to any one that asks. Then the web host company is bought by a larger a company and becomes USELESS! On the weekend my account was suspended by my current web host because of “the amount of CPU and/or memory resources used” which is a ridiculous excuse to try and make me upgrade to a more expensive plan. I won’t go into it further, but I’m looking for a new host.
  2. Comment Spam – Anything that looks the slightest bit spammy is deleted. It’s a daily job and I doubt that I miss any, so they waste my time and theirs.
  3. Stupid Kids and Retards – Related to comment spam; some comments are just rude and/or stupid. Any one can express any opinion they want, as long as they’re reasonably civil.
  4. Religious Nutters and Feminists – Some of the most offensive and rudest emails I have received have been from religious fanatics and feminist extremists. I used to take them personally, but I now understand that extremists of any kind are severely retarded, so all I can do is have sympathy for them.
  5. Hungry Beast – If you stop posting news, people stop coming. A blog is a hungry beast that is never satisfied.
  6. My Bad English – I’m often reminded that I should have paid more attention during English classes at school. Grammar isn’t my strongest trait.
  7. Value a Masterpiece for me – I used to reply politely to requests from people wanting me to value a print/poster/painting/drawing that their long lost relative left them, explaining that I don’t value artworks, but now I just delete them. I can’t remember telling anyone that I’m an art valuer.
  8. Sell a Masterpiece for me – Another bizarre request that I regularly get is to sell artworks. I have had requests to sell everything from a brick wall with a Banksy on it, emerging artists offering a percentage of anything I can sell, to Andy Warhol works. What if I did sell it and it’s fake?
  9. Rip Off Artists – Having a list of Rip Off Artists can make you a target for idiots.
  10. Sex is More Popular than Art – Why can’t art be as popular as sex? Art is an obscure niche compared to the popularity of sex. If I mention vaginas or sex there is always an increase in visitors for that day.
About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. I highly suggest MediaTemple.net for hosting. They’re used by all sorts of creative types and their customer service has been fantastic for me. In the last 4 years that I’ve been with them I haven’t had a single issue that wasn’t answered or resolved in more than a couple hours.

  2. Actually, MediaTemple was one of the hosts I’m thinking about. It’s between them and Yahoo hosting.

    I’m leaning more towards MediaTemple though.

  3. Sorry to be number 6, and often thought of as being numbers 3 and 4. Though number 10 is my favorite subject, just not on the internet.


  4. Keep up the good work!

    (since I often steal from your blog to use on my own)

  5. I am a new blogger, but I wonder if you have considered buying a .com from google? its only £5.00 a year ($10.00)

  6. kate fenker says:

    I love your blog, even your “whinge”!
    Thank you for all of it!

  7. I thought it was just us Poms that whinged… glad to see the Colonials still have some capacity to whinge as well after all that sunshine, barbies, and bikini clad babes. (I write from England with the rain and cold east wind battering my window – but thankfully keeping a stiff upper you know what – much enlarged thanks to all those helpful emails in the spam folder).

  8. Glad to see you’re up and running again. I visited a couple of times over the weekend looking for that item about the Brit. artist being sued by her gallery. Found it on Monday when you came back up. You should have moaned about the weekend too, because it’s a bloody nuisance when it stops you getting something fixed.

    Talking about sex, have you seen Moneybags Hirst’s “worthless” pussy? I know you’re a fan. I posted it last week.

    Your grammar don’t look bad to me, but here’s a punctuation tip I read many years ago: colon = namely (I just used “:” correctly). Abandon all those bits that people add to the colon: “-”, “–”, “)” etc. Once you have “namely” firmly stuck in your head, you’ll never abuse a colon again.

  9. Don’t feel bad. I’ve not been able to post since last night. FTP issues can be a pain with Blogger.

    You can turn the questions people ask about selling art into a Q&A series if you have the time. It can be a good way to write up some fast content.

    The oddest request I’ve ever had is to post an ad for a hot tub company. When I reminded them that the blog is an art blog they reminded me that artists deserve to relax as well. BLAH.

    Art magazines can afford people to proof read. Think of it that way.

  10. You really made my day with your post…

    forget about grammar… people constantly talking about language skills usually don’t produce anything, your blogging is actually your production… so, go for it…

    as for the rest, don’t delete them, keep them for future novel or short film, coz you will have enough material…

    keep the good work…

  11. god I loath the language police/snobs.
    Hey nice to have a bit of a vent now and again. I am astonished that people think you should or are available to provide a means for sales or other services.

    Keep up the great work, I always enjoy visiting your blog.

  12. You run a good blog here, I come back often: because I enjoy your up to date news. Like the colon tip above :)

  13. Roy the Artist, I’m not sure I know what you mean. I already have a domain name (artnewsblog.com)

    Earl, we’re only a few generations young over here, so we’re still quite capable of having a whinge too. It’s not jus Poms that are good whingers ;-)

    Ian, I havent seen Hirst’s “worthless pussy” yet. I have still been having problems with the host (moved to a new one today after they cut me off again!). And do you mean I’m a fan of pussy or a fan of Hirst?..lol.

    Thanks for the colon tip too. I probably should take a course or read a few grammar books.

    Lomodeedee, I collect spam titles. I figured if I ever start to paint abstract paintings, I could use them as titles.


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