10 Things I Love About Having an Art Blog

After having a vent yesterday with my “Ten Things I Hate About Having an Art Blog” list, I realized that I don’t hate having an art blog at all. Actually I struggled to come up with ten things, but I couldn’t stop at six or seven things as it would have looked like I wasn’t trying hard enough.

So, as a counterweight, here’s Ten things that I love about having an art blog..

  1. Comments – Comments featured prominently on the list of things I hate too, but I was just talking about the comments of spammers and retards. All the intelligent things are said in the comments on Art News Blog, so if you just read my posts, you’re missing all the interesting stuff in the comments. The comments that disagree with me may be wrong (as I’m always right), but they still interest me.
  2. Keeping Up – I like to know what’s happening in the world of art. It’s a big world and there’s lots happening. I wish some one would hurry up and make a teleporter so I could go to some of the exhibition invites I receive from around the world.
  3. Appreciation – My favorite emails are from artists explaining that my little list of wicked scammers prevented them from being conned.
  4. I can say what I want – Freedom to say almost anything I want. I don’t have to report to Rupert Murdoch or an editor in chief to see if my opinions are valid, I just click “Publish Post” and I’m online.
  5. Vanity or Ego Stroking – I shouldn’t mention this publicly, but I like it when I’m talking to some one and learn that they read Art News Blog. It’s a small world. People expect me to have really strong opinions on everything after they learn that the blog is mine, but my opinions change with the weather.
  6. People – I have met some interesting people because of this blog. Some in person, some through email, some on the phone, and some through comments.
  7. People Send me the News – Most days I don’t even have to go looking for art news as it finds me. I must be on a few mailing lists as the inbox fills up with news each day. So don’t be offended if I don’t mention your exhibition opening or reply to your press release as I’m just one person.
  8. Freebies and Bribes – Mostly small things like books and magazines. I don’t receive much but I love getting surprise packages. If I start making weekly posts about how wonderful Ferarris are, you’ll know that I have been bought by a Ferrari dealer.
  9. Talking About Art – Most of my friends in real life wouldn’t know a Francis Bacon from a Jackson Pollock. Which means that I talk about art online with people that like art as much as me, rather than forcing my art-ignorant friends to listen to my rants about the importance of art.
  10. Learning – The blog forces me to learn new things and be open to new ideas. I can still be narrow minded at times, but I try widen my world view a little bit each day.
About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. I love both of your lists :) very true, very true…

  2. If I was reading your stars I’d say you’ve entered into a thoughtful phase of your life, your last posts have been ..
    Why?, worst 10 things, best 10 things..
    Thanks for an interesting and thoughtful blog. :)

  3. Oh please pass the sick bag … you sound like some luvvey who just won an oscar… I much prefered the whinging list! Made me think how nice it was that this guy on the other side of the world has somethings that really get up his nose and piss him off. Maybe my life is not so bad without my own blog after all. Now you go and spoil it all by crowing about how great it is to be a blog merchant. You just wait. I’ve got loads of religous feminist nutters to send your way, a painting I’d like valued and an African friend about to open an Art Gallery in Lagos. Could you let him have your bank details by return as he want to buy some of your lovely pictures. Hot beaches, hot babes and a hot blog… have you aussies got it all?

  4. Donald Frazell says:

    Hopefully $$$ will someday enter your list. It is a creative act, and lots of work, and as you do it veyr well, should make bundles of cash to get Earl even more upset.

    Sorry Earl, I am in West Los Angeles, we got that stuff too. Except the blog, the ones here are weak, though the Hammer Museum is supposed to start one, artblogla is seemingly dead, and just a support for galleries anyway. To close to the market to be real here anyway. Seems the Australian art schools are not nearly as full of themselves as here, so have a chance to actualy grow and view art as a normal human being does.

    The next big art movement will most likely NOT be in the US or Europe, who knows where. Maybe, Australia? Dion could be cutting edge soon, maybe already is. Dion the new Clement Greenberg of the internet age. You never know. As long as you enjoy it, and can afford it, go for it. $$$ is always nice.

    Babes and beaches dont hurt.


  5. Here’s to always being right even though our opinions change like the weather! great blog.

  6. I agree, having a blog is great for self-expression. I just hate it when friends ask how is your art business? Uh, have you read my blog?

  7. Hmm I keep contemplating having a blog but there are alot of art type sites so I’m not sure mine is needed..I’ll think on it.

    But free things Dion this could work for me, perhaps I could write about shoes instead, you can never have too many you know!

  8. Nikki, it’s more of a chaotic phase than a thoughtful one at the moment. It is a phase though.. which will pass ;-)

    Earl, you make me laugh :-P
    Expect another whinge from soon as the web host took my site down again today. And their tech support is about as helpful as a brick wall.

    Donald, I’m not too concerned about not making money from the blog. I like the fact that I can do and say what I want on the blog as I dont have a mortgage or the rent linked to the blog. If the blog was responisble for paying the rent or putting food on the table it would probably be a very different blog. I’m not anti-money either.

    And yeah, if my head grows too large and I start to become influential in some way, I’m heading for the hills and cutting myself off from society. My posts will be about how well the tomatoes are growing and the productivity of my egg laying chickens!..lol.

    Ursula, that sounds like a contradiction, I know, but it’s not. I’m right at the time of saying something, and still right when the weather changes along with my opinion. It’s complicated, but the main point is that I’m right.. lol.

    Helly, I know a guy that writes about wine and always has good bottles of wine sent to him!

  9. Hey, glad to see you are unsuspended.

  10. Actually, Im still suspended Janet. I’m online now because I have moved to a new web host!

    Just keep away from Midphase.com web hosting if being online is important to you. They used to be great but now they’re useless.

  11. Ditto to what janvangogh said!

  12. So got yourself suspended did you? I warned you about my feminst, religious nutter friends … they are all nerds working for computer server companies. You got to be carful you don’t say any thing to upset them… especially if that Sarah Pallin bird gets ellected! Being suspended might take on a whole new meaning with rope being involved. Lets have more about votes for women, burnt bras and the bible from your blog please… I’ve got a spare sick bag somewhere.

  13. It wouldnt surprise me if I was being attacked Earl! I think I will start being nicer to thieves, extremists and retards.

    The art scammers list and replying to thieves online doesn’t make me Mr. Popularity in some circles. I should be asking them if I can help their business in some way. Maybe I could get customers for them!

    And yeah, feminists and religious extremists.. my two favorite groups of people. I’m actually not a bad person, so I don’t know what they have against me! The weird thing is that I see god as life and energy, so my belief in god is probably 10 times stronger than theirs.

    I can’t sympathise with extreme feminists though. I think Australia has started deporting feminist extremists back to Britain, which is why you now have to put up with Germaine Greer..lol.

  14. The very mention of Germain Greer requires an extra large sick bag! If this blog mentions her again then I’ll set my retard friends on you too..and I’ve got lots of them. Actually we prefer the term “intelectually challenged” but “thickos” will do too. You can have Germain back but we’ll happilly keep Rolf Harris… now why don’t we see more of his work on this blog? A great singer and a cracking artist… let’s hear it for Rolf!

  15. Yeah, Germain Greer sometimes visits Australia and all I can think is, gee, I hope people treat her rudely so she doesnt get any ideas about staying. Thankfully she keeps going away ;-)

    Rolf Harris is quite a sensitive soul. I saw him interviewed recently and realised that he’s a more complex man than I had previously thought. I thought he was just a zany extrovert with no slow button, but he’s much deeper than that.

    Most of our exports are a little bit different.. in good and bad ways.

  16. Hey, does that mean that you’re on the Damian Hurst payroll? Did you get laid off? LOL, just kidding


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