Rolf Harris’s Portrait of the Queen

Australian expat Rolf Harris, now based in the United Kingdom caused a bit of a stir with his portrait of the Queen. The entertainer briefly made the “wobble board” famous and more recently hosted the “Animal Hospital” television program in Britain, but has never been known as any kind of serious artist.. a cartoonist, sure.. but probably not someone that you would expect to get to paint the Queen of England.Continue Reading

Art Daily Closed

It looks like has drawn its last breath. It has gone close to closing a couple times before, but this closing seems more serious. It seems the lack of financial support and now failing health has taken too much of a toll on the owners. It’s a pity, but such is life.
The notice on the front page says it all..

The End.
Until here, we’ve reached.
Our strengths are gone,t he illusion.
The lack of health has won upon us.
Thank you very much to all of you who encourage us, supported us, visited us.
ArtDaily closes forever.
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Painter’s Keys by Robert Genn

One of the few art newsletter I actually read is Painter’s Keys by the Canadian painter Robert Genn. It’s published each Tuesday and Friday. Robert talks about different issues that affect artists or whatever happens to be on his mind at the time.
He covers a wide range of topics and sometimes answers questions from subscribers, like here where someone was concerned about their name and if they should change it.. where Robert commented that “While we are all part of a great human family.. with only a few degrees of separation.. we owe it to ourselves to sign our names uniquely. A name is an entity on which a career hangs. Never underestimate the value of ego. Do whatever it takes to find and hold the person that you are and can become.”
There’s also a good artists directory and a collection quotations relating to art on the site that are worth checking out.
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