2006 Turner Prize Exhibition

An exhibition of the Turner Prize finalists for 2006 will be showing at the Tate gallery in Britain from the 3rd of October to the 14th of January.

The four artists include Tomma Abts, Phil Collins, Mark Titchner and Rebecca Warren. There’s 40,000 pounds up for grabs between them, with the winner receiving 25,000 pounds. The winner will be announced on the 4th of December, 2006.

Turner Prize at the tateOver at the Tate Britain website they have a few pieces by each artist online.

  • Tomma Abts – Is a painter! Yes, people still rub colored mud on canvas, even at the usually wacky Turner Prize. The works shown are sharply painted abstract works that are 48cm x 38cm in size, which is also an unusually intimate size for a painting in a contemporary art competition.
  • Phil Collins – Is a photographer and video artist looking at things like the “discrepancy between reality and its representations“.
  • Mark Titchner – Is an installation artist that looks at the different beliefs and ideologies of society. It’s an idea that an artist could have a lot of fun with.
  • Rebecca Warren – Is an expressive sculptor that appropriates and pokes fun at her favorite artists. She is my personal choice to take out the Turner prize for 2006, but I think the judges might lean towards the work of Mark Titchner.

The Guardian has also done a special report on the Turner Prize.
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  1. I am liking Rebecca Warren the most. I would enjoy exploring her work and find her pieces intriguing.

    I haven’t posted for a while, been back home in newcastle, england for a month. did pop in once in a while and enjoyed your blog as usual though.

  2. Oh welcome back Jafabrit. I hope you had a great time back home.

    Looking forward to some new work being posted soon.


  3. The Turner Prize …. it’s like looking at a punk rocker in 2006. Vaguely facinating for a couple of seconds, then a bit sad… like it was a bit cool and challenging something in 1977, but now it’s predictable, past it and frankly rather boring. What would be a shock and a challenge today? A water colour of a pretty kitten in a basket…. now that would be a surprise for the Turner!

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