Hillary Clinton for President?

No, artnewsblog hasn’t become a political news blog. Daniel Edwards has created a sculpture called “The Presidential Bust of Hillary Rodham Clinton: The First Woman President of the United States of America”.
It’s the same Daniel Edwards that recently caused a bit of a stir with the Nude Britney Spears sculpture. The Hillary bust will be on display at the Museum of Sex on August 9.Continue Reading

Alberto Giacometti Movie

This news is three years late, but it’s better late than never. I saw a link to the Eternal Gaze movie over at Keith’s blog. It’s an animation of one of my favorite artists, Alberto Giacometti.

It was released in 2003 and has won a lot of awards, but I’ve never heard of it. There’s a trailer available on the Eternal Gaze website with details for getting hold of the DVD too.Continue Reading

American Artists Online

On my (cyber) world tour of artists by country, I’ve found that the most represented bunch of artists online are definitely Americans. I struggle finding artists from countries like China, India, or even Germany online, but everywhere I look I find websites by American artists. It could be the language barrier, but I’m sure marketing has something to do with it too.
Anyway, here’s some cool American painters..Continue Reading

Anatomy, Art, and Life

I have been watching a fascinating, yet disturbing program on television the past couple weeks. The first week I watched it, I was dizzy and almost felt sick, but I couldn’t look away.

It’s called Anatomy for Beginners, with Dr Gunther von Hagens doing the dissecting of the bodies and pathologist Professor John Lee (nicknamed the “Walt Disney of Death”) explaining how we work in health and in disease. Gunther is pictured to the left holding the skin of the corpse that he just peeled off.Continue Reading

Canadian Artists Online

Continuing on from the Australian artists, here’s some great Canadian artists with an online presence. Share your website in the comments below if you’re a Canadian artist.Continue Reading

Australian Artists Online

The internet is great for making the world much smaller than it actually is. An artist living in a backward little country town with no art gallery can get his/her work in front of the biggest art dealers in the biggest art capitals of the world.
Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I plan to post small lists of artists by country that I come across online. I’m starting with Australian artists because I’m biased.. and Australian ;-)
Some are more famous than others, but they’re all interesting artists..Continue Reading

Art Museum Ticket Prices

There has been a bit of news around lately about the price of museum entry. The Museum of Modern Art charges $20 and the Metropolitan Museum of Art has also announced that they will be raising their ticket price to $20.
Christopher Knight of the Los Angeles Times isn’t too pleased with the news..Continue Reading

George Craige Art Scam?

I just received an email from George Craige gcraige108@yahoo.com and just assumed it was a scam (and am still 99.9% sure that it is), but how would he benefit by using a bank transfer for payment?
I understand that bank checks can be abused (see the previous art scammers post), but I thought a money transfer would of been a bit safer. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the “Telegraphic Bank Transfer” method that George is suggesting.Continue Reading

ArtNewsBlog in the Artist’s Magazine

I finally got a copy of the June edition of the Artist’s Magazine! I had been meaning to get a copy since the start of June and it’s now getting closer to the end of July, so it just proves that I have a problem with procrastination.
Art News Blog was lucky enough to get a mention on the “TechnoByte” page in the Artist’s Magazine, where three art blogs were profiled.Continue Reading

Neue Galerie’s Most Expensive Painting

The most expensive painting in the world is now on display at the Neue Galerie in New York. “Gustav Klimt: Five Paintings from the Collection of Ferdinand and Adele Bloch-Bauer” will be on show through to the 18th of September.

The museum has also had to announce that they will be opening an extra day each week (Wednesdays from 12 till 4pm) to keep up with the high demand of visitors. The star of the exhibition (Portrait of Adele Block-Bauer I) is surely attracting a crowd that doesn’t usually spend much time in art galleries. The gold beauty must be hearing comments like “Oh, that’s not worth $135 million” and “What a waste of money”, but at least she is getting people looking at art.
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