Rent a Saatchi

The advertising man and art collector Charles Saatchi is renting out a selection of 600 works from his collection. Works by contemporary artists like the Chapman Brothers, Chris Ofili, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Stella Vine, Tom Hunter, Gary Hume, and Gavin Turk are among the rentals.Continue Reading

Hitler Paintings Auction

People came from all over to get a piece of morbid history at a recent art auction that sold 21 works “attributed” to the German dictator Adolf Hitler. Bidders came from as far away as Russia and Estonia to the Jefferys auctioneer’s premises in the quiet town of Cornwall.Continue Reading

Thomas Kinkade to Paint Elvis Presley Mansion

The painter of pretty cottages, patriotism, and religion has turned his hand and paintbrushes toward the American icon of ELVIS. Thomas Kinkade, or the Painter of Light™ has painted a sketch of Graceland and now plans to do a finished studio work in time for an upcoming anniversary of Elvis Presley.

It will be a commemorative work to be released next year, around the time of the 50th Anniversary of Elvis buying Graceland and the 25th year of Graceland being open for public tours.Continue Reading

Jeff Koons Egg

Jeff Koons will be showing twenty new sculptures and sixteen paintings at the Gagosian gallery in London. The new works are meant to celebrate things like birthdays and holidays.

A Gagosian press release describes the cracked blue egg pictured to the left, in this way.. “With its impressive scale, pure lines and flawless, highly reflective surface Cracked Egg (Blue) resonates with iconic significance.”Continue Reading

Drawing on Drugs

Don’t try this at home kids. The experiment was done by the US government in the 1950s in a controlled environment. They were testing the effects of LSD on the artist.

The artist did nine drawings over a period of several hours. This is the first drawing in the series. It looks pretty normal, but that’s because the LSD hasn’t kicked in yet.Continue Reading

Doodles of Presidents

The image below is a presidential doodle by Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893). If you see doodles as a peek into the mind of the doodler, surely President Harrison had some strange things going on inside his head.Continue Reading

Dirty Car Art

For those that live on a dirt road and are tired of washing your car, why not take advantage of the situation and make art out of your dirty windscreens?
That’s what the artist Scott Wade did. He evolved from writing things like “wash me”, to smiley faces, to intricately detailed portraits and copies of famous paintings.Continue Reading

Turkish Author Elif Shafak’s Charges Dropped

The popular Turkish novelist Elif Shafak has had charges of “insulting Turkish identity” dropped. It was decided that the evidence was lacking and the prosecutor dropped the charges.

She was quoted as saying “The verdict is very pleasing in terms of Turkey’s test of democracy and freedom of expression, but incomplete as long as Article 301 remains as it is, open to manipulation.”Continue Reading

The Painting Process and the Still Life

Karl Zipser has added a new section to his art blog called Follow the Painting, where he and the artist Hanneke van Oosterhout go through the different stages of creating a painting.Continue Reading

Elif Shafak on Trial in Turkey

The Turkish novelist Elif Shafak will face charges of “insulting the Turkish identity” this week in Istanbul. Just a week ago the British artist Michael Dickinson was charged with “insulting the dignity of the Prime Minister“, so it’s probably not a good time to be saying or doing anything too radical in the country at the moment.

Continue Reading