Art Blogs of the Moment

Almost every man and his dog now have a blog, so I thought I would share a few. A lot of them come and go, as that just seems to be the nature of blogs, but there’s also a lot of blogs that just keep going.

This is not a “best of” list of art blogs, they’re just a few blogs that I have been reading more recently. Feel free to leave your favorite blogs in the comments.

Update: the list of art blogs has been shortened considerably as so many have just stopped posting over the years. Continue Reading

Buying and Selling Art Online

ArtInfo has profiled five “Award-Worthy Web Galleries” that allow you to buy and sell work online. It’s a very mixed bunch, aiming at very different buyers/sellers, but they all seem worthy enough to mention.Continue Reading

Damien Hirst Out of Ideas

The man that was once thought of as one of the most original thinkers in the arts is now being accused of not having any good ideas for the past 13 years. Arts writer Jonathan Jones once wrote glowingly about Damien Hirst, but now sees the artist as unimaginative and without ideas.

“In his day Hirst was, without question, the artist who most mattered in the entire world: the only artist whose images truly entered the culture’s lifeblood after the death of Andy Warhol. Even when he started to go off, he was worth giving the benefit of the doubt. I could forgive him everything because he had imagination. Now that is gone it is hard to forgive him anything.” Jonathan JonesContinue Reading

Saatchi’s Online Gallery Top Ten Artists

It looks like a lot of artists have created their own pages at the Saatchi Gallery website (more than 15,000), so along with the Guardian in the United Kingdom, ten of those artists have been selected to exhibit at the Guardian Newsroom.

The great thing about the internet is that you don’t have to prove yourself before you get to exhibit your work. Anyone with an internet connection can exhibit online.Continue Reading

Banksy does Kate Moss

The British graffiti artist Banksy has been getting a lot of media attention in recent months by painting elephants and tampering with Paris Hilton CDs. He pokes fun at fame and uses it to his advantage, which has been good for sales of his work.Continue Reading

Steve Wynn Elbows a Picasso

The Las Vegas casino billionaire recently made international headlines after bumping into his painting by Pablo Picasso and putting a hole in it. How pointy must his elbows be to put a hole in the canvas?

He had recently agreed to sell the work for a record $139 million to fellow billionaire Steven Cohen. It would have become the highest price paid for a painting, but Wynn has chose to repair and keep his damaged Picasso painting.Continue Reading

Fernando Botero’s Abu Ghraib Paintings

The painter of fat women has turned his focus to a more challenging subject recently. Fernando Botero is currently showing a series of works depicting the Abu Ghraib crimes at the Marlborough New York gallery. For those that can’t make it, there’s a small gallery of the works online here.Continue Reading

ArtReview Magazine’s Power 100

The ArtReview magazine has released its annual list of one hundred powerful people. There has been quite a bit of movement on the list this year with a whole bunch of people moving up, down, on, and off the powerful 100.

Damien Hirst lost his number one position that he held last year, moving out the top ten to eleventh position this year. The French Fran├žois Pinault is the most powerful person in the arts industry this year.Continue Reading

Free Hugs

Something not very related to art, but something that no one can have too much of; FREE HUGS! The hugger is Juan Mann and the music is from the Sick Puppies. Juan Mann (One Man) says “For every person who gets a hug, you see five walk past with a smile on their face.” Continue Reading

Pumpkin Art

It’s Friday the 13th, so why not carve a pumpkin?. A New York artist has published a pumpkin carving tutorial online.

They’re definitely more interesting than the usual three holes and a slit for the mouth pumpkins. The artist has a gallery of pumpkin works online.Continue Reading