Marlene Dumas Interview

ArtInfo has interviewed Marlene Dumas in New York recently. The South African born painter, now living in Amsterdam, is famous for her sexually charged, often controversial figurative paintings. She also claims the title of most expensive painting to sell at auction, by a living female artist ($3.34 million for “The Teacher”)Continue Reading

Aboriginal Rock Art Saved?

The Western Australian government has seen the light and will no longer oppose the heritage listing of an area in the Dampier Archipelago, which will save some of the oldest art in the world on the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia.

A proposed multi million dollar liquefied natural gas processing plant would have destroyed the thousands of aboriginal paintings and rock carvings throughout the region. The company that would have managed the plant (Woodside Petroleum) has now also dropped its opposition to the heritage listing, in return for a 6.8 square kilometer area to create a “gas precinct”.Continue Reading

Michelangelo’s David McDonald

Michelangelo would be rolling in his grave if he saw this version of his David. McDavid is an entry in a recent Photoshop competition at Worth1000 called Art Ads.

The brief is to “Take a piece of fine art and turn it into an ad for a company of your choice. Humor is the main focus.”Continue Reading

Noble Pet Portraits

For the pet lovers amongst us, I have found a way to glorify your pet and give your friends something to giggle about when they come over. The Italian pet portrait painter Daniela Ria offers a service that nobelizes your cat or dog.

So you can turn a mangy mutt into an Aristodog or your soggy moggy into a Noblecat!
Enhancing their unique characteristics, she interprets animal faces like respectable diplomats, gracious damsels, solemn generals, elegant duchesses, boastful ambassadors, fine countesses, fat merchants, delicate ladies, distinguished gentlemen, and magnificent leaders.” Noble PetsContinue Reading

Art News Blog Comments

One of the great things about blogs is that you can share your own opinions on the posts, with comments. They add so much more depth to any blog, especially Art News Blog. But the beauty of allowing anyone to comment also opens the door to people that are out to scam and take advantage of blogs.

Blog spamming or comment spam is done by unscrupulous people trying to promote their products (usually things like pills, viagra, financial services, etc) by linking to their scammy websites. Often it is automated to randomly publish their links on blogs that don’t have spam protection measures in place.Continue Reading

Animals in the Womb

I found this fascinating little piece of news over at the BoingBoing directory of wonderful things. There’s a new documentary from National Geographic that goes inside the womb of animals like never before.

It’s a mix of art and technology working together to show what goes on inside animals..
Using state-of-the-art visual effects, computer graphics and real-time, moving 4-D ultrasound imagery, we can see inside the unique world of animal fetal development in a way never before possible. For the first time, these pictures shed light on how an elephant, a dolphin and a dog develop in the womb.”Continue Reading

Lucien Freud Number One in Britain

The Great Art Fair in London has done a poll to find out the favorite artist of artists at the event. Lucien Freud has topped the list, with Leonardo nowhere to be seen in the top ten.

Other notable artists that never made the grade were contemporary artists like Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. They seem to get the vote of the media with anything they do deemed newsworthy, but artists at the Great Art Fair didn’t feel the same way about Hir-min.Continue Reading

OJ Simpson Book Burning

The media mogul Rupert Murdoch has had a moment of clarity and decided not to go ahead with publishing the OJ “If I Did it” book nor airing a television interview with OJ Simpson. The famous (infamous?) former football player and actor was set to profit from the murder of his wife and her friend, with the publication of the book “If I Did it”.Continue Reading

Quotes from the Global Creative Leadership Summit

In New York recently there was a Global Creative Leadership Summit where leaders from business, technology, government, science and the arts got together to discuss how their disciplines could work together and possibly benefit each other.

ArtInfo got some quotes from two speakers at the event.. Chuck Close and Franceso Clemente. I completely agree with the first quote about inspiration.Continue Reading

Big Numbers at Big Auction Houses

Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses recently sold close to a billion dollars worth of art in just a few days. Between the 7th and 9th of November, they sold $847,251,000 at their Impressionist and Modern sales.

Here’s the Top Ten paintings..Continue Reading