Interpreting Art – Artist or Critic?

Ana Finel Honigman has asked an interesting question over at the Guardian blog. She asks, Is an artist’s idea of what their work means more important than the viewer’s interpretation, or are they both valid?

I like the idea of a work of art doing its own talking. If it needs an explanation by the artist, he/she has probably made the work too complicated. An artist and an art critic should be two very different people. One creates art and the other talks about art.Continue Reading

Rembrandt’s Apostle James Makes $25 Million

A rare Rembrandt painting from the later part of his life recently sold for $25.8 million USD at Sotheby’s in New York. The previous record for the artist was $28.7 million back in 2000.

From the catalogue at Sotheby’s
Alongside his last self-portraits, Rembrandt’s late religious pictures, of which this is the only example left in private hands, are the artist’s most significant body of work from the final decade of his life. They bear all the hallmarks of his late style; monumentality, thickly constructed layers of paint, use of colour to create tone, and above all a depth of psychological penetration that far exceeds his earlier work, and which remained unmatched in Western art for at least another two hundred years.”Continue Reading

Al Pacino to Play Salvador Dali

It has been reported that Al Pacino will play the role of Salvador Dali in an upcoming film called “Dali & I: The Surreal Story”. Andrew Niccol will direct the Dali movie and filming is set to start in June this year.Continue Reading

Enamel Paint Safety

Most artists don’t usually take health and safety issues seriously until they get sick from being in the studio, so here’s a post from Hazel Dooney about enamel paint and turpentine.

“Enamel paint sets slowly as the chemical drying and hardening agents evaporate, creating a brittle, glossy finish. These toxic agents are inhaled, absorbed by clothing and settle on skin which, of course, also absorbs them. I use a respirator with chemical filter pads but it can’t scrub the air completely.” Read the rest of her post here.Continue Reading

Monet on Paper

The Royal Academy of Arts in London will be showing an exhibition of Claude Monet from the 17th of March through to the 10th of June. They will be showing his pastels and drawings on paper, and possibly contradicting some of the myths of Monet.

“This exhibition is the first devoted to Monet’s drawings and pastels. It offers a ground-breaking exploration of the role of draughtsmanship throughout the artist’s long career, overturning the conventional notion that Monet painted his impressions of nature directly onto the canvas.” Royal Academy of ArtsContinue Reading

Female Sydney Artist Wanted

If you’re female, an artist, and live close to Sydney, the Motion Picture Company might have a job for you. They’re looking for a female artist to appear in a music video and paint a mural. It could be a chance to get your 3 or 4 minutes of fame, depending on how long the song is.Continue Reading

Steve Wynn’s Insurance Claim for Elbowed Picasso

Towards the end of last year the casino mogul Steve Wynn elbowed his Picasso, which put a hole in the work, and lost him a deal that could have put $139 million in his pocket. Well, now the Las Vegas collector is looking to make an insurance claim worth $54 million.Continue Reading

Dr Dave Frank – Artist Scammer

Most artists know to avoid these emails, but I still get some people asking if I think the email is legitimate. So I thought I would post the latest request to purchase some of my paintings.

They vary slightly, with names, places, emails, and painting titles, but they’re usually pretty easy to spot.

Basically, if they look anything like this email below, just delete it.Continue Reading

Jasper Johns Interview

The Art Newspaper has interviewed the (super) famous American painter Jasper Johns. Johns has even appeared in an episode of the Simpsons cartoon, where he went to an exhibition by Homer. How impressive would that be to have on the resume?!

Works by Jasper Johns will be exhibited at the National Gallery of Art in Washington in an exhibition called “An Allegory of Painting”.Continue Reading

Search Terms at Art News Blog

Something I enjoy checking on the statistics page for Art News Blog is the search terms that people use to find the site. They’re not the top search terms.. but they do make me wonder..

I’m also surprised by the amount sex related search terms that pop up. For a (mostly) family friendly blog, I sure do get a lot of non-family friendly search terms. Here’s some of the more mild searches.Continue Reading