Francis Bacon Rubbish to be Auctioned

From the photos that I have seen of Francis Bacon’s studio, I thought he never threw anything away. But an electrician that did some work for the artist in 1978 was lucky enough to rescue some Bacon junk from a skip.

After keeping the Bacon stuff for thirty years, Mac Robertson has decided to sell them. The things that Robertson collected from Bacon are expected to sell for up to five hundred thousand pounds.Continue Reading

Bootlegs by Eric Doeringer

One of the things that I find most interesting about this blog is the comments posted by people. I like seeing different opinions, people often add to or complete a story, and I sometimes find interesting links to other art sites.Continue Reading

World Art Boom – Art Market Trends

ArtPrice puts out an annual “Art Market Trends” paper that looks into the works that are being sold at auction each year. 2006 has been a BOOM year for auction houses around the world. Here’s the ArtPrice paper in PDF format.

Among other things, Art Price ranks artists by the value of the total work they have sold at auction for the year. Pablo Picasso has topped the list for the past ten years and remains there for the year of 2006. The little Spanish master sold an impressive $339,245,929 at auction last year. Pablo sells more work (2087 pieces in 2006) than other artists at auction, but he also sells single paintings for record prices, which crushes the theory that saturating the market brings prices down.Continue Reading

Damien Hirst Butterflies Controversy

Anonymous posted a comment on the Damien Hirst exhibition post recently, accusing Hirst of stealing the butterfly/stained glass idea from another artist.

“Before it has even opened, there’s a growing controversy in Los Angeles regarding the pending exhibition by Damien Hirst at Gagosian Gallery, and the the similarities between Hirst’s work  and that of L.A.-based artist Lori Precious almost identical pieces have been in museums and galleries from London to New York to L.A. for more than ten years, including a one-woman show back in the Nineties. While “appropriation” is the vogue in contemporary culture, more than almost any other recent instance this raises the question of when something stops being appropriation and becomes something more dishonest. Hirst uses the exact same material (butterfly wings), wedded to the exact same idea (recreations of stained-glass windows) and the exact same form (mandala) — all to the exact same end as Precious’ work.” Anon CommentContinue Reading

Anish Kapoor Art in the Bin

An art collector of the Indian born British sculptor Anish Kapoor was recently awarded £350,000 in damages after an art storage company mistook a work for rubbish and threw it away.

Ofir Scheps left the 1984 sculpture “Hole and Vessel II” with Fine Art Logistics Ltd of London. Scheps paid £20,000 for the Anish Kapoor work in 2004, but the value of the artist’s work has increased dramatically in recent years.Continue Reading

Clyfford Still Museum in Denver

Over at Art and Perception I found this post about the abstract expressionist artist Clyfford Still. It points to an article in the New York Times about the life of the elusive artist and a museum in Denver that will be dedicated to the work of Still.

Clyfford Still did what most artists have wanted to do at some stage in their career, when he left behind the gallery scene and the art world, and just painted. He only sold or gave away about 150 works during his lifetime, but that’s not because he didn’t paint much. In a warehouse in a “nondescript suburb” experts are sifting through 2,393 works by the artist. The works are said to be worth more than $1 billion if they were ever sold.Continue Reading

Damien Hirst Interview

Damien Hirst is currently exhibiting at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills and London. Superstition is a more contemplative, inward looking Hirst than usual. He is looking to poetry and religion for inspiration rather than the usual death, medicine, and shock that has made the artist who he is.

“Each painting in Damien Hirst: Superstition has two titles, the first taken from the poems in Philip Larkin’s collection High Windows. Larkin was an English poet whose fatalistic, colloquial writings speak to a seemingly shared extinguished faith. The second title makes direct reference to religious iconography.” Gagosian GalleryContinue Reading

Artist Documentaries Online – Gabriel Shaffer

Art Scene Asheville is a series of artist documentaries by Ursula Gullow, profiling working artists in Asheville. They’re put together really well too, which can be refreshing after watching a bunch of artist videos on Reading

Creative Children – Creative Adults

In one of Robert Genn’s recent newsletters he talks about a study of creative children that grow into creative adults. The psychologist Ellen Winner found that creative people choose their path very early in life and they often have similarities like; scholastic boredom, difficulty making friends, and social problems.Continue Reading

Five Dollars Auction on eBay

A single digit painting from the Money Series by Anthony White is currently being auctioned on eBay. The $5 painting is from the US dollars series. It was originally sold by Anthony for 5 US dollars, but the highest bid is $385 at the moment (with 6 days of bidding left).Continue Reading