Lloyd’s Building by Willard Wigan

I found this story over at Coxsoft news, which was posted a few days ago. A miniature sculpture of the Lloyd’s Building by the English micro-sculptor Willard Wigan will be auctioned at the Lloyd’s Building in England.

The picture to the left shows the architect of the Lloyds building, Lord Rogers looking through a microscope at the sculpture. The sculptor and the architect are also shown in front of a model of the Lloyd’s building.Continue Reading

Australian Aboriginal Art Auction

Australian Aboriginal art jumped in value this week with a Sotheby’s auction in Sydney that got bidders excited.

The painting to the left is called Warlugulong and is by the Aboriginal artist Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri. It sold at auction for $2.4 million, which is almost $2 million more than the artist’s previous record of $411,750.Continue Reading

Animal Rights Artist Angela Singer

There’s a post over at the Cool Hunting blog about the New Zealand based artist Angela Singer.

“While a strident activist against all forms of animal cruelty—including vivisection—much of her recent artwork is made from discarded hunting trophies and other taxidermy that strives to illuminate human exploitive tendencies of the rest of the animal kingdom. It’s a chilling effect; these carcasses highlight how grotesque natural beauty can become after suffering at the hands of humanity.” Cool HuntingContinue Reading

Woman Charged for Kissing a Twombly Painting

A woman has been charged in France for kissing a Cy Twombly painting worth more than 2 million dollars. Sam Rindy was overcome with passion in front of the work and just couldn’t help herself.

Painting meets its femme fatale
“I left a kiss,” she told La Provence newspaper on leaving the police station. “A red stain remained on the canvas… This red stain is testimony to this moment, to the power of art.” Speaking to French news agency AFP, she said the artist had “left this white” for her. BBCContinue Reading

Top Ten Art Collectors

The ARTnews magazine has released a list of the top 200 art collectors from around the world. It’s probably a good list of names to have on your exhibition mailing list, especially if your works sell for more than a few hundred thousand a piece.

Here’s a list of the top 10 art collectors..

  • Eli Broad – Contemporary art
  • Steven Cohen – Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary artContinue Reading

Spencer Tunick on a Swiss glacier

Greenpeace and the New York flesh architect Spencer Tunick are encouraging volunteers to get naked on a Swiss glacier next month. Greenpeace Switzerland has a sign up page here for those that are interested.Continue Reading

Artist Studios

Leith let me know of a show about artist studios that was on television in Australia recently. I missed it, but thanks to this wonderful thing called “the Internet”, I can still see it online (and share it with people all over the world.)Continue Reading

Michael Kalish License Plates

Taking the car theme of the past few days a little further, Angela has pointed out a story about an artist that uses car number plates as a medium. The license plate art of Michael Kalish sells for between $5,000 and $150,000.Continue Reading

Art Car Boot Fair and Car Art

HellyUK has pointed out a couple interesting links relating to the Promoting your Art post yesterday.

From Times Online, they talk about artists using a whole bunch of new marketing and sales techniques that were once frowned upon by “fine artists.” Heavyweight hitters like Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk and Peter Blake are selling their own work at the Art Car Boot Fair..Continue Reading

Promoting Your Art While Driving

Here’s an interesting way of promoting your art. Barbara Rush has spent a measly $79.55 on putting this ad on the tire cover of her car. It’s an image of her work with her website address clearly visible.

I think it looks really smart. It wouldn’t work this well with every image or every car, but it’s something for artists to think about.Continue Reading