Damien Hirst Diamond Skull Sells

Damien Hirst’s diamond skull (For the Love of God)has reportedly been sold for $100 million. The buyers were an unnamed investment group, which doesn’t surprise me at all.

The BBC says that the investment group “planned to re-sell the artwork at a later date. Hirst also retains part-ownership.”Continue Reading

Three Years Old Today

Art News Blog is three years old today! If internet years are anything like dog years, ANB must be 21 years old (3×7).

Here’s some posts of interest from the past few years..Continue Reading

Art Scam Avoided

I know that most artists that have been online for a while know how to spot an Email art scam, but there’s also a lot of trusting artists out there that are still getting scammed.

“Anonymous” just posted a comment on this Art Scammers post which made me smile.. and feel useful! .. here it is..Continue Reading

William Dobell Drawing Prize 2007

In Sydney at the Art Gallery of NSW, the winner of the Dobell Prize for drawing has been announced. Ana Pollak’s “Mullet Creek” has taken first place, giving the artist $20,000.

I don’t think drawing gets the credit it really deserves, so I love awards like the Dobell prize for drawing.Continue Reading

Kate Moss Sculpture

The UK model Kate Moss will soon be a 3 meter high bronze sculpture in a contorted yoga pose. Marc Quinn will enlarge his previous version of Kate Moss, which was done last year, and will show it at the “Beyond Limits” sale at Chatsworth House in September.Continue Reading

Artist Steven Campbell Dies

Last week the Scottish artist Steven Campbell died at just 54 years of age. After suffering from a ruptured appendix he developed septicaemia. The artist was in intensive care for about a month before passing away on the 15th of August, 2007.Continue Reading

Cold Bare Bums for Global Warming

Nearly 600 naked people braved the cold on the Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland for the New York photographer Spencer Tunick recently. 600 people may not sound like much when compared to the amount of people that got naked for Tunick in Mexico, but the weather was probably a little more bearable in Mexico too!Continue Reading

Scam Artists

Vu en ville has shared an example of an email from a scam artist trying to scam artists in the comments of the art scammers post here.

The emails were from a “Lisa Benson” using this email lisaben100@googlemail.com

Here’s the first scam email:Continue Reading

The Art of Invention : Atomic Art!

There’s an exhibition at the United States Patent and Trademark Office Museum (USPTO) which may require you to take your glasses along with you. “Art of Invention – Invention of Art” opened on the 15th at the Museum in Virginia.

On display will be two of the smallest works of art in the world; “The Quantum Corral” and “The Search For Quantum Chaos.” The atomic-sized images come out of the labs at IBM, using their low temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM). There’s an online gallery of more works and information on the process of how they are made (which I didn’t understand) at the IBM website here.Continue Reading

Artful Blogging Magazine

Stampington has released a new quarterly magazine called “Artful Blogging”. It’s a magazine that focuses solely on artists publishing creative blogs and online journals.

Their first issue looks at the work and blogs of more than 35 artists. Here’s a few artists that I liked (with links to their blogs)..Continue Reading