Art News Round Up

I haven’t been posting as much as I should lately, but there has been quite a bit happening around the world..

  • I completely missed the passing of R.B. Kitaj. He died on October 21, 2007. Jed Perl remembers Kitaj over at The New Republic.
  • BBC reports that a Banksy auction sold ten works and a print by the graffiti artist for £546,000, which is quite a bit more than the £300,000 expected for the sale.
  • Charlie Finch attacks some big name art blogs over at ArtNet. In Internet marketing circles, that article would be called Link Bait.
  • Kirsty Hall comes up with some great reasons why all artists should have a blog.
  • Jafabrit explores her dark side and creates a discussion about light and dark.
  • USA Today mentions the Rembrandt-ish looking work that is believed to be by someone other than the Dutch master. It was expected to sell for about $3,000 but sold for about $4.5 million. I guess someone thought it was by Rembrandt!
  • NY Times slideshow of images from “The Arts of Kashmir” exhibition.
  • The Art Newspaper looks into the world of Aboriginal art in Australia and how the artists are treated by gallery owners.
  • PERFORMA 07 is happening in New York.


Comments on Doris’s Crack

One of the things that keeps me interested in updating Art News Blog is the comments that people leave. In a recent post on Doris’s Crack at the Tate Modern, I said that artists can sometimes ramble on a little too much. And that is fine if you feel like reading an essay, but it shouldn’t be necessary to understand the work.

Anyway, some people left some interesting comments on the post. (not everyone reads the comments, so I’m re posting them below)Continue Reading

Famous Singers that Paint

Lauren Cochrane is thinking about singers and their art. Asking if we would take any notice if they wern’t already famous..

Lauren mentions the works of Pete Doherty that he made with his own blood and Paul McCartney’s expressive figurative paintings.Continue Reading

Salander-O’Reilly Galleries – Lawsuits Galore

Robert has pointed out an article in the NY Times about the art dealer Lawrence Salander and his Salander-O’Reilly Galleries. A judge has closed the doors of the gallery as dozens of wealthy clients have lined up to sue the high profile art dealer. Everyone from John McEnroe to the landlord of the gallery (RFR Realty) are seeking claims.

In the NY Times report, Lawrence Salander says that the claims have been made by “friends of mine or people I thought were friends, all of whom have always been paid for the pictures I sold for them. I’ve paid my bills for over 40 years in this business and I will continue to.”Continue Reading

Crack at the Tate Modern – Doris’s Crack

The crack in the floor at the Tate Modern has swallowed its first victims.

The Guardian reported that an onlooker said “We saw the first poor victim, a young woman who went into it with both feet up to just below her knees. She had to be dragged out by her friends,”
“Unbelievably, as we watched to see whether she was OK, an older woman deliberately stepped on it (she later told us, amazingly, that she thought the crack was painted on the floor) lurched forward and landed on the ground. She had a sore wrist to show for it.”
Continue Reading

Sex as Art or Just Porn

There’s an exhibition on at the Barbican Centre of arts in London that explores the subject of Sex. “Seduced: Art and Sex from Antiquity to Now” shows the porn art of Jeff Koons, Pablo Picasso, Nobuyoshi Araki, Francis Bacon, Robert Mapplethorpe, Rembrandt van Rijn, Andy Warhol and more.Continue Reading

New Art News Blog Logo

I have decided to go with this logo for Art News Blog. It’s basically Logo 1 from the logo post here, with a few small changes. It’s not bright, flashy, or complicated, which is what I was after. I wanted it to sit quietly in the corner and do its job without drawing too much attention to itself.Continue Reading

ArtReview’s Power 100 2007

ArtReview magazine has released their annual Power 100 list of important people in the contemporary art world.

The first four influential arts people on the list are the same as last year and Damien Hirst is the first artist to appear (6th), followed by Jeff Koons (13th) and Richard Serra in 19th position.Continue Reading

Art News Blog Logo Help

An international art magazine that has a very similar name to Art News Blog (just take off the word “blog” and join the first two words together) has kindly asked if I could make it clear that I am not linked to their company in any way.

I thought my bad grammar and holiday snaps might have already alerted readers to that fact that I’m not part of a larger company. But I have agreed to change my logo as the words “art” and “news” are highlighted in my current logo, which could make some think that this is the blog for the ARTnews magazine, which it is not, obviously..Continue Reading

Red Bull Art of Can Competition

Here’s an art competition for those hard working artists that use Red Bull to keep them going in the studio; it’s the Red Bull Art of Can competition. It’s not for everyone, but for the artists that drink their product (I have personally never tasted it) and those that don’t mind mixing with the corporate world, it could be good.Continue Reading