Most Popular Art Museums in the World

The Art Newspaper has released their annual list of the most popular art museums in the world, with the Louvre in Paris coming in first place with an estimated 8,300,000 visitors.

The most popular exhibition was at the Tokyo National Museum in Japan which attracted more than 10,000 people each day. It was more of a single painting than an exhibition, which makes the figure even more remarkable. Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Annunciation” was loaned by the Uffizi gallery in Florence.Continue Reading

Art News Online

Here’s some art news missed, happening, or coming up from around the web. Use my contact details to send me your press release or a link to your interesting art news.Continue Reading

Cal Lane’s Sweet Crude Oil

I like art that makes us look at ordinary, dull things that most people pass by everyday.. or things that we find objectionable or even disgusting in a new light. Part of the curse or blessing of being an artist is to notice things that most people don’t.

I find an endless fascination in things like smoke, the bubbles in a bath, or the passing clouds, which probably labels me as an artist that is interested in stupid stuff that should be seen in passing, but these are the things that blow me away. Even a walk in the park that I have passed through a thousand times can see me frozen still by a tree that is lit perfectly by the sun, or composed in a way that looks more perfect than any painting could ever be. A simple walk can be visual overload, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I pity those that don’t see the ordinary as extraordinary as it must be such a dull existence.Continue Reading

Sydney Photos and Heavy Art Books

Here’s a few holiday pics from my recent Sydney trip where I went to see PJ Harvey at the Sydney Opera House. I also saw a few exhibitions, but nothing that really dropped my jaw. My most exciting art moment was buying three art books (two Anselm Kiefer books and one Brett Whiteley book). The books were so big and heavy that I almost lost my arms while dragging them back to the hotel, but they were worth the struggle.. even if they did almost kill me.Continue Reading

Sydney and PJ Harvey at the Opera House

Posting has been a little light lately as I took off for some city time in Sydney. My excuse for going down to Sydney was to see PJ Harvey at the Sydney Opera House, which was well worth the extra dollars I had to pay for tickets on eBay! (it was sold out so I took the risk with tickets on eBay).Continue Reading

RED Auction for AIDS Raises $40 Million

Contemporary art has showed that it has a heart by raising more than $40 million to help fight AIDS in Africa. Bono, Damien Hirst, Sotheby’s, and Gagosian Gallery organized the (RED) auction on Valentine’s day, where leading contemporary artists from around the world donated major works to auction for the cause.Continue Reading

Plot to Kill Muhammad Cartoonist

Denmark’s intelligence agency have arrested three people that were planning to kill one of the cartoonists of the controversial prophet Muhammad cartoon published in the Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper. 72 year old cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and his 66 year old wife Gitte Westergaard have been under police protection for the past few months.

Two of the suspects held are Tunisians and the third is a Moroccan Dane.Continue Reading

Gay Jesus Play in Sydney – Corpus Christi

A controversial play just recently opened in Sydney by the American playwright Terrence McNally called Corpus Christi. The play depicts Jesus as a gay man that is seduced by Judas and also shows Jesus marrying two gay men.

Robert Forsyth, the Anglican Bishop of South Sydney said a few tame things like “It’s historical nonsense and I wouldn’t want to go and see it. Life’s too short.”Continue Reading

Urban Art Auction

Bonhams seems to have created a whole new genre of art auction after the success of their first “Urban Art” auction in London recently. It featured street, graffiti and urban art from artists like Banksy, Keith Haring, Antony Micallef, Adam Neate, Faile, Paul Insect, Space Invader, Swoon, D*Face and Jamie Hewlett.

Gareth Williams of Bonhams says “Urban art is art at its most accessible, available in the public arena for universal appreciation. However, by definition it is also an ephemeral art form, often disappearing as fast as it appears. By transposing their images from street wall to canvas, urban artists are now creating a permanent legacy without compromising the vitality of their art form and it is these works which are currently taking the market by storm.”Continue Reading

ArtReview Magazine Gone Web 2.0

The ArtReview magazine has gone all interactive online with their new beta. I haven’t joined their new online community or spent much time on it yet, but it seems to be a more serious attempt to embrace the Internet than any of the other websites owned by major art magazines.

Throwing up pdf files of the printed magazine and charging fees that come close to the cost of the magazine in the newsagency has been the norm for most art magazines around the world. So it’s refreshing to see something different.Continue Reading