What to do about Art Scams

Recently an artist (Sarah) posted the comment below on this scam artists post from last year.

I am in the midst of the exact negotiations – I have actually received the certified check in the mail, from a person calling herself Nicole Roane. All the other details are the same, except that she says she is relocating to Johannesburg from the Georgia address. I also have a cell phone number for her. Continue Reading

Robert Rauschenberg Sues Artist

I read the title of this story on the Art Newspaper (Rauschenberg sues artist for selling his trash) and didn’t think nice things about Rauschenberg. I thought it must be a rich and famous artist releasing his lawyers on a poor struggling artist because the hounds needed to stretch their hairy legs.Continue Reading

Pizza Hut Box Design Competition

Sticking with the multinational company art competition theme, Pizza Hut has a global design competition where you can design your own pizza box. For the next six months there will be a monthly prize of $1,000 and at the end of the competition the overall winner will have their design printed on a Pizza Hut box.Continue Reading

Nike Art Competition 1/1

Nike has launched a new annual art competition called 1/1. You have to be based in Europe and be over sixteen to enter. The winner will have the chance to exhibit at the Basel Art Fair and will design a limited edition pair of Nike Dunks, which I assume is a pair of shoes made by Nike.

The competition is open to everyone from filmmakers and photographers to graffiti artists and illustrators.Continue Reading

Earth Day 2008

Google has celebrated Earth Day 2008 by letting the grass grow around their logo. BrandZ and Millward Brown have found that Google is the number one brand on their annual “Top 100 Most Powerful Brands” list, so the Earth Day website should get a few extra visitors from the search engine giant today.Continue Reading

The Art of Death

The German artist Gregor Schneider is looking for people that are about to die and are willing to be a part of his exhibition, which will be you dying.

Schneider told the Art Newspaper that he wants to “display a person dying naturally in the piece or somebody who has just died. My aim is to show the beauty of death.” He also told them that his doctor in Düsseldorf is actively looking for possible participants in the exhibition of death.Continue Reading

Banksy – One Nation Under CCTV

“One Nation Under CCTV” is painted on a wall in central London, which seems to be the CCTV camera capital of the world. It shows a young boy up a ladder painting the words, with a security guard and a dog on the ground watching him. To the right of the painting is an actual CCTV camera.Continue Reading


Artists have mostly woken up to scammers trying to steal their money and artwork, but some people must still fall for them as I still get art scam emails. I thought they were getting more sophisticated and believable, but here’s one that is a big step back..Continue Reading

Women Impressionists in San Francisco

I have had complaints that I don’t mention female artists enough on Art News Blog, so this exhibition should help with my quota of women artist posts for the month. I usually listen to complaints or constructive criticism, but strange people that think the world revolves around them or extremists that try and push their distorted way of thinking onto others don’t get much of my time.Continue Reading

David Hockney’s Big Trees Painting

David Hockney has given the Tate his largest painting (he has painted some big ones) to date. “Bigger Trees near Warter” is about 40 feet by 15 feet or 5 meters by 12 meters and is made up of 50 panels. Also, I’m told that “Warter” is an actual place, so it’s not a misspelling of “water” like I thought it was.

Hockney said “I thought if I’m going to give something to the Tate I want to give them something really good. It’s going to be here for a while. I don’t want to give things I’m not too proud of.”Continue Reading