Basil Sellers Art Prize

Daniel Crooks has won the first biennial Basil Sellers Art Prize in Australia, pocketing $100,000 for his Study for ‘Static no. 11 (man running)’ work. The work is a two-channel HD digital video with sound.

The subject that artists have to play with to enter the art prize is sport. I always thought sport and art went together about as happily as oil and water.Continue Reading

Hazel Dooney in Melbourne with Porno

Hazel Dooney is showing in Melbourne at the Mars gallery with a photography exhibition called PORNO. This will be her first photography exhibition, but it won’t be the first time she has created controversy with her sexually charged works. Her “Sex Tourist” watercolors caused a stir at the Art Melbourne art fair last year when a sponsor of the event tried to have her work censored.Continue Reading

Million Dollar Leg of James Stewart

The New Zealand entrepreneur James Stewart is selling ad space on his left leg and hopes to make a million dollars out of it. With about 2000 square centimeters of skin to tattoo, selling for $500 per square centimeter, he hopes to reach his million dollar goal. With the money from his Million Dollar Leg project, Stewart wants to further develop and market his Art Klick website for New Zealand artists.

He got the idea from the Million Dollar Homepage, which is an advertisement for everything that is bad about the internet. So if the sponsors on his leg are anything like those on Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage, he’ll have a leg filled with casinos, ringtones, loans, insurance, and dating companies.Continue Reading

I Love Painting

Up until a few week ago I hadn’t painted for about 18 months as I didn’t have a studio to paint in. Since being back in the studio and using oil paints I have noticed that I used to take painting for granted. I used to just do painting and not realize what a special privilege it is to be doing something that I love doing so much.Continue Reading

Death of the Art Critic

The Guardian’s art critic Jonathan Jones is questioning the role of the art critic in a recent blog post..
“What has passed away is a certain kind of revered and influential critical voice, it is sometimes said: where are today’s equivalents of the poet and critic William Empson, the art critic Clement Greenberg, the critic of the novel FR Leavis?”Continue Reading

Indian Art – Ashok Bhowmik

Tamarind Art in New York City is showing work by the contemporary Indian artist Ashok Bhowmik. The exhibition opened on the 10th of July and finishes on the 15th of August.

I know very little about contemporary Indian art and have never heard of Ashok Bhowmik but I just love the “Ancestor’s Face” painting below, so I thought I better share it.Continue Reading

Imperial Clothing by Donald Frazell – Part 3

This is Part 3 of 3 of Imperial Clothing by Donald Frazell. See Part 1 of Imperial Clothing here or Part 2 here.

This country has always been about movement, all its best traits are in growth and action. Not in the attempt to capture movement, or express oneself through the action of painting, or the exhibitionism of performance. But in physical movement of purpose, dance, music, sports, the effort to build. This requires focus, planning, thought and balance.Continue Reading

Imperial Clothing by Donald Frazell – Part 2

This is Part 2 of 3 of Imperial Clothing by Donald Frazell. See Part 1 of Imperial Clothing here or Part 3 here.

Sales: Galleries and Critics
Now, everyone wanted to be the next famous gallery owner or art critic to discover “the next big thing”. They became the rock stars as much as, if not more so than, the artists. For they made money and went to parties, which people like Woody Allen made infamous.Continue Reading

Imperial Clothing by Donald Frazell – Part 1

Donald Frazell has allowed me to publish his article on art, culture and America. I’ll publish it in several posts though as it’s more lengthy than a usual post.

Donald is opinionated and happy to criticize the establishment, but they’re attributes that should be encouraged.

Imperial Clothing by Donald Frazell

Marketing The Cult of Individualism
This basically sums up the state of “Art” in America. Why? Because as with the Romans and British before us, America is a place of commerce, engineers and industry. We are a practical people, with one great genius. Selling a product. Coca Cola, Chevrolet, or the NFL, our marketing leads the world.Continue Reading

Banksy is Robin Gunningham

The Mail on Sunday newspaper believes they have uncovered the identity of the underground British graffiti artist Banksy. The Mail On Sunday say that Banksy is the 34 year former public schoolboy (private school) Robin Gunningham.Continue Reading