Damien Hirst Production Line

I find it interesting that a backlog of about 200 works by Damien Hirst can be news. He’s the closest thing we have to a Britney Spears in the art world, with the media looking for any excuse to publish a story on the man (I realize I do it too). All the art world needs now is some art celebrity sex tapes and some police mug shots of artists that have misbehaved. I would probably subscribe to an art gossip magazine if it was cheap.Continue Reading

Marla Olmstead Documentary – My Kid Could Paint That

I finally watched the Marla Olmstead documentary that people have been commenting on in earlier Marla posts here, here, and here. The comments that people have left on earlier posts are very FOR or AGAINST the little “child prodigy” with very few neutral opinions on the whole saga. I still think the art critic Clement Greenberg got it right when he said..

“In visual arts, prodigies don’t count. In music and literature, yes, but not in art.” Clement GreenbergContinue Reading

Art Crimes

ArtInfo has an interesting little piece on art crimes and how they affect the market. The strangest form of art crime has to be stealing sculpture for scrap metal. Like the 2 ton Reclining Nude by Henry Moore that was stolen from the Henry Moore Foundation in 2005. As scrap metal it would have made £3,000 or $5,800, but it was insured for £2 million.

They list the top four art crimes as Vandalism, Forgery/Deception, Art Theft, and Antiquities Looting.Continue Reading

Aboriginal Artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye

One of Australia’s most interesting painters was an old Aboriginal woman that didn’t start painting until she was about 70 and wouldn’t know a Rembrandt from a Rothko, but she painted like an angel. Emily Kame Kngwarreye (1910-1996) only painted for a short time but was very prolific, pumping out around 3000 paintings in eight short years.

The genius of the old woman from the remote desert community of Utopia, in the Northern Territory of Australia is starting to be acknowledged at auction with her 1995 work “Earth’s Creation” selling for more than a million dollars in 2007.Continue Reading

Gargbage as Art

Here’s a video from a television show in Australia called the Chaser’s War on Everything. I started on YouTube looking at a song (Tom Waits – Hold On) that was recommended to me and an hour later I was still looking through videos!Continue Reading

Martin Creed’s Runners + Clever Marketing

ArtReview has put together a video (below) on Martin Creed’s latest creation at the Tate Britain. Creed is the artist that won the Turner prize in 2001 for his “lights going on and off” work where an empty room periodically had the lights turned on and off, which reminds of a Simpsons episode where Homer keeps turning the light switch on and off; lights go on, lights go off, lights go on…Continue Reading

Art Market Editor Job at The Art Newspaper

If only I paid more attention in English classes at school.. and could work well in teams.. and remain calm under pressure! They’re just some of the qualities that I don’t have for an interesting job at the Art Newspaper. It sounds like a dream job for someone into art and wanting to travel to some interesting places.

Here’s what they’re after..

Art Market Editor – maternity cover (full time)
The Art NewspaperContinue Reading

Art News Blog Keywords & Google Analytics

I installed Google Analytics on Art News Blog a couple of days ago. It’s a free website statistics program that gives you very detailed information on where your visitors are coming from, how they are finding you, what pages they’re looking at, and a bunch of other stuff that is probably very useful.Continue Reading

Lascaux Cave Paintings in France

An anonymous comment mentioned the Lascaux cave paintings on an earlier post about a sports art prize, so I thought I would see if there’s any good websites on them. I found one on the French government’s culture portal online here. There’s a “Virtual Visit” which shows paintings in each of the cave rooms (or are they called crevices? sections?.. there’s probably a word for a cave room.. Batman would know it.)

The Lascaux caves were discovered in 1940 by some teenagers chasing after their dog called Robot. They were opened up to the public, but like everything else we touch, we were destroying them. So they were closed to the public in 1963 and were restored. More recently there has also been a fungus causing damage in the caves which is believed to have been created by an air conditioning system that was installed in the caves. The cave paintings are estimated to be 16,000 years old.Continue Reading

Damien Hirst Auction – Beautiful Inside my Head Forever

The much talked about Damien Hirst auction is coming up soon. I thought it was the 15th of this month, which is why I thought I would mention it now, but it’s the 15th of next month. The Sotheby’s London auction is called “Beautiful Inside My Head Forever” and will take place over two days on the 15th and 16th of September.

There will be 223 lots up for auction, with more than £65 million expected to be raised from the sale. They are new works by the artist, mostly from 2007 and 2008.Continue Reading