Damien Hirst Corporation Layoffs

I told myself that I wouldn’t mention Damien Hirst for a while as he’s a bit of a news hog, but I just can’t help myself. There’s no other artist out there like him. None of my artists friends have told me that they’re laying off up to 20 employees as none of my artist friends have 20 employees to lay off.Continue Reading

John Everett Millais Painting Discovered

The skeptic in me says that there are no original lost masterpieces hiding in closets or the storage sheds of long lost relatives, but I guess it could be possible.

A British woman has discovered a painting by the Pre-Raphaelite English artist John Everett Millais valued at £50,000. The story is that the 45 year old woman was given the painting as a gift for her 9th birthday and forgot about it until she moved house.Continue Reading

Patricia Piccinini at Roslyn Oxley9

Patricia Piccinini is currently showing a bunch of weird and wonderful things at the Roslyn Oxley9 gallery in Sydney. The show is called Related Individuals and closes on the 6th of December.Continue Reading

Thirsty for Hirsty

I know I probably mention Damien Hirst more than any other artist, but it’s because he makes more news than any other artist. The man is a marketing genius.Continue Reading

LIFE Photo Archive on Google

LIFE is teaming up with Google to create a massive online database of more than 10 million photos from the 1750s through to today. It is a work in progress but there is already an impressive collection of photographs online now.Continue Reading

Damien Hirst Levi’s Jeans and T-shirts

I love and hate Damien Hirst in equal portions. I love the marketing genius that the man is, but I also dislike him for similar reasons as he has made art all about business. Only a (starving) fool would ignore business altogether in art, but I still find myself clinging to a romantic art that is above money and press releases. There’s all kinds of art though, so I probably admire Hirst more than I dislike him.Continue Reading

Art Fag City’s Cease and Desist

Those with a blog or website should be interested in the discussion over at Art Fag City where the estate of Helmut Newton has sent Paddy Johnson a cease and desist letter. She posted a nude Naomi Campbell photo by the fashion/erotic photographer Helmut Newton when she mentioned a Naomi Campbell retrospective at the upcoming Art Basel Miami in 08.Continue Reading

Writers Need Religion Too

After my Religion and Art rant earlier in the week I have been coming across articles on the topic everywhere I look.

One report in the Time magazine on the controversial writer Salman Rushdie talks about the necessity of religion for writers, even atheist writers. Rushdie said “When I’m writing books, something weird happens; and the result is the books contain a large amount of what you could call supernaturalism. As a writer I find I need that to explain the world I’m writing about. As a person I don’t need it and as person I do. I would agree, that tension is irreconcilable. But it’s just there. It’s just so.”Continue Reading

Death of the Postcard (India & South America)

A friend of a good friend has recently finished a travel documentary and a book to go with it called The Death of the Postcard. It’s an experimental travel documentary exploring India and South America, directed by Adrian Barber.

It’s probably more travel than art, but my friend says its “arty” enough to be posted on an art blog, so I’ll trust him ;-) Continue Reading

Religion and Art

I was talking to a friend about political art, telling her that I thought they shouldn’t mix. Then without thinking too much about it, I said religion and art shouldn’t mix either. But before she replied, I corrected myself and said I don’t know what I’m talking about. Religion has inspired some of the most wonderful art ever created. Imagine an art history without religion. Maybe we need more religion in art today.. more offerings to God.. more inspiration from the divine.Continue Reading