Are Art Galleries a Waste of Space?

do we need art galleries

Here in Australia there have been plenty of art galleries closing their doors, downsizing or merging together in recent years. The financial crisis is playing a large part in the gallery clean out, but I think the Internet is more to blame. Artists and collectors have worked out that they don’t have to pay the middleman his cut and everyone is happier for it, except the gallery owner. Gallery owners are no longer the gatekeepers they once were and they’re struggling to adapt. Continue Reading

5 Lessons Grown Up Artists Could Learn From a 3 Year Old

3 year old Child Prodigy

The amazing thing about a lot of these child prodigies is their prodigious marketing and business skills. I know they’re usually compared to Monet, Picasso or Pollock, but the artists they should really be compared to are Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. The amount of publicity these child prodigies receive in one year is more than most working artists will receive in a lifetime.Continue Reading

New Logo for Art News Blog

Art News Blog Logo

I have made some adjustments to the Art News Blog logo. In keeping with the new WordPress theme that I’m using I have changed the color and I also used a different font for the ‘news blog’ text. What do you think? Good, bad, indifferent? Continue Reading

Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson to Divorce

nigella lawson to divorce

One of the great things about having no channels on my television is not having to hear about the relationship problems of celebrities. The Nigella Lawson choking by Charles Saatchi in a public restaurant was slightly different as it at least had a social message to go with it, being it’s not cool to choke your wife. In the name of fairness, I hope you ladies understand it’s not cool to slap and scratch us guys either, unless of course it’s consensual and in the bedroom! I would hope that all the mega-phones crying foul would have done the same if Nigella was slapping into old Charles.Continue Reading

Jeffrey Milstein’s Aerial Airport Photos

aerial airports of jeffrey milstein

American photographer Jeffrey Milstein is showing at the Bau-Xi gallery in Toronto, Canada from this weekend. He photographs American airports from above in low flying planes, capturing them in all their wonderful detail. The airport’s ugliness is made beautiful in the patterns and shapes framed by Milstein. It’s the nighttime photographs of JFK airport and others where he uses shadows that appeal to me most.Continue Reading

Billy the Kid Note to be Auctioned

billy the kid photo

A note written by the outlaw Billy the Kid will be up for auction at Guernsey’s in the coming week. Signed WH Bonney, it says time is short. Estimates put the letter at between $10,000 and $15,000 but with people like William Koch of the Koch brothers willing to pay $2.3 million for the only remaining photograph of Billy the Kid, you just never know.Continue Reading

Art News Blog on Social Media

social media blogging

I never really got social media when I was posting on Art News Blog a few years ago. Not long before I quit posting I started a Twitter account and Facebook account for ANB but I never really did anything with them. This time around I’ll make an effort with social media as I’m a little more comfortable with it all and I can kind of see why everyone is using it.Continue Reading

El Greco Painting Record

el greco auction record

A bidding war between a Russian collector and an Indian collector saw the 3 to 5 million pound estimate of El Greco’s “Saint Dominic in Prayer” almost double to reach an auction record for the artist of £9,154,500 or about $14,000,000 USD.

Continue Reading

Jeff Koons and Dom Perignon Bottle

jeff koons dom perignon bottle design

Two luxury brands are teaming up to provide us with a wonderful discount or they’re out to rob us blind, depending on which way you look at it. If you see it as a 15,000 Euro bottle of bubbly you will feel robbed, but if you see it as an opportunity to buy your own Jeff Koons sculpture you will probably feel like you are getting a bargain at about $20,000 USD.Continue Reading

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott Dies

gwyn hanssen pigott

The Australian potter Gwyn Hanssen Pigott has died in London at the age of 77. She was born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1935.

I saw some reports whinging about her status as a woman and a crafts person holding her back from the heights she could have reached but I say blaaaaah. If you visit galleries in Australia with any regularity you know Gwyn Hanssen Pigott’s work and she’s treated as a contemporary artist more than a crafts person. Name me one male potter more famous than her in Australia..Continue Reading