32 new Pollocks Found

32 new Jackson Pollock paintings may have been uncovered in a storage shed in New York. Pollock experts are still yet to decide if they are the real thing. The works are from Pollock’s famous drip paintings period, so if they are genuine Pollock paintings, they could fetch very large sums of money.
Proving the Pollock
“If 32 hitherto unknown paintings by Leonardo or Caravaggio were suddenly uncovered, the art world would be on fire with excitement. Not even his strongest supporters would claim that the great American abstract expressionist, Jackson Pollock, is quite in that league. But the claim that 32 of his paintings – mostly from his spectacularly inventive “drip” period – have been discovered is nevertheless a major event. The trouble is that Pollock experts cannot yet agree whether they are genuine.” read full story

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  1. i just want to thank you for posting the info you do –
    i wouldn’t have heard of this story until the next artnews came out – and since i love pollock…
    it will be interesting to see if these turn out to be the real deal… of course if the article makes a good point about if the critics can’t tell – that rather says something about the art and artist. hmmm.


  1. [...] 32 Jackson Pollock paintings that were found in a storage unit have been labeled possible fakes or imitations of the artist [...]

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