5000 Nude Australians on the Sydney Opera House

Spencer Tunick has encouraged 5000 Australians to get naked and pose on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. That’s not my white bum on the bottom left of the image as I chose not to scare the locals. I’m not much of a morning person either.

spencer tunick in sydney

From the Sydney Morning Herald.. “The official name of Tunick’s installation was The Base. Yet after waiting two hours for the sun to come up, it became apparent that Blue Poles might be an appropriate title as a brisk wind hit the Opera House steps.”

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  1. I find that so refreshing! A bit daring, but refreshing! I am a painter that does nudes and I find that when the model is nude they show a side of themselves that is rewarding as a painter.

  2. I am sure Earl is tucked in there somewhere, representing the Brits with his warm English beer and running the Union Jack up the pole. I think he left to hunt you down Dionysus so beware, your wine has no affect on the mead luvin East Anglia blokes.

    I am just basking in our lovely rain, and planting the garden, global warming and El Nino be damned. With the kids gone, we got the run of the house for our own nude ins.

  3. Wow! That looks amazing, I’m kinda surprised that the Sydney Opera house let him do this, but awesome!

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