A Guide to North American Birds by Matt Sesow

Before I went on my recent road trip I received a painting by Washington, DC. artist Matt Sesow called “A Guide to North American Birds.” I have a thing for birds and a thing for quirkiness so I really like the painting. I also buy art that I couldn’t or wouldn’t paint myself, so I end up buying bright, bold and colorful paintings which are in contrast to my own paintings that are almost colorless.

American Birds Painting
Guide to North American Birds – Matt Sesow

I bought these smaller works from Matt too..

Expressionist Painting
Traumatized – Matt Sesow

Cardinal Painting
Cardinal – Matt Sesow

Matt Sesow’s website can be found Here. I also mentioned a video by Matt Sesow earlier.

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  1. I like the birds, looks like my backyard in the morning, lots of new babies screaming for food, Kids.

    The others look like me in the AM after too much cheap wine, try to stay away from taht, but you never know what you are going to get at Trader Joes. a california institution.

    Look like good buys, got some walls of you own to hang em on now? Are you of the landed aristocracy yet? Or wanderlust still raging i your veins.

  2. I love his work, and the birds are wonderful.

  3. I love the colorful Matt Sesow birds and also the more subtle paintings by Dion Archibald of Sydney Australia. The two painters have wildly different styles, yet share a wonderfully interesting distorted view of reality.

  4. Looks like you now have an excellent field guide to go bird spotting with. We have many similar interesting birds here in Norfolk (thats the real and original Norfolk in the finest part of England) so you might like to bring the guide with you when you visit this years Harleston & Waveney Art Trail kicking off at the end of June until mid July.

    There is also some cricket being played around then but you would be better looking at the art than watching the humilation of a very good side by the outstanding poms.

    As usual the art trail features the outstanding work of artist Nicola Slattery – who although not originally from Norfolk and with some strange celtic roots – never the less has her studio in Norfolk – the birth place and home of Queen Boudicea – an outstanding bird who had a good go at defeating the Romans – almost won but sadly …. well thats another story…

    Hope to see you soon field guide in hand looking at birds and wandering around the open studios of Harleston and the Waveney valley. They have a web site at http://www.hwat.org.uk where you can download a guide to the 30 odd studios taking part.

  5. Lucy, thanks for the compliment. (I’m not really a Sydney artist, but it isn’t too far from here)

    Earl, he has done a guide to European birds too. I should suggest a guide to Australian birds too as I would be interested in it.

    If I forget to do a post towards the end of the month about the Harleston & Waveney Art Trail, do remind me.

    Im afraid I wont be heading to Europe around that time.. or it isn’t in the plans right now.

    And if you mean the ashes, we won’t put up much of a fight as we have forgotten how to play cricket.

    I still love the idea of the art studio trail. I find artists in their working spaces with their art much more interesting than art in a clinical gallery setting.

  6. I met Matt at an arts fundraiser a few years back, where he was doing a live painting demonstration. Real nice guy, prolific and ndefatigable. A couple of his works hang in my living room. I love the birds, thanks for sharing.

  7. amazing artwork! keep it up.


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