Abby Martin and Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement

abby martin of breaking the set rt

I don’t support ANY movement or organization anywhere, but I do love troublemakers that poke sticks at hornets’ nests. Abby Martin of RT (Breaking the Set) recently spoke with the Zeitgeist movement’s founder Peter Joseph about crazy artists and how we’re a danger to the system that relies on submissive robot people. They’re my words not his, but basically that’s what he says ;-)

Watch the video here..

They also talk about the Zeitgeist Media Festival happening this Sunday, the 4th of August at Avalon, Hollywood CA. There will be art, various speakers, short films, live music, performance art,  comedy and more. See details here.

Host of RT’s Breaking the Set program, Abby Martin, is also an artist. She’ll be at the Zeitgeist Media Festival showing her work. She seems to delight in poking the hornets’ nest with sticks too..

abby martin killing hope

Abby Martin – Killing Hope.

abby martin blood on their hands

Abby Martin – Blood on their Hands.

abby martin big brother watching you

Abby Martin – Two Minutes Hate (Big Brother is Watching You)

See more of her work at her website here or her Breaking the Set program page on RT is here.

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  1. brother george says:

    She’s exasperating, she’s beautiful, she’s smart, but mostly she SPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER. And the world is basically a better place for her being in it. “Howsoever you treat the least amongst you, you treat me.” Jesus said it, Abby believes it, and this would be a far better place if we all acted upon it. Blessing be upon you Sister Abby.

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