Aboriginal Rock Art Saved?

The Western Australian government has seen the light and will no longer oppose the heritage listing of an area in the Dampier Archipelago, which will save some of the oldest art in the world on the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia.

A proposed multi million dollar liquefied natural gas processing plant would have destroyed the thousands of aboriginal paintings and rock carvings throughout the region. The company that would have managed the plant (Woodside Petroleum) has now also dropped its opposition to the heritage listing, in return for a 6.8 square kilometer area to create a “gas precinct”.

australian aboriginal rock artWoodside drops opposition to heritage listing of rock art
Greens spokeswoman Rachel Siewert is concerned that Senator Ian Campbell (Federal Environment Minister) will put the economic benefits of the gas production ahead of the environment. “We’re all extremely worried that he’s going to list the area, except the bits that Woodside want to develop on,” she said. ABC

It amazes me that we put profit above thousands of years of history, but doesn’t surprise me in the least. Some of us should still be swinging from trees and chewing on bananas. I know it’s much easier to criticize than it is to take action, but I’m pretty sure 90% of the Australian government have tails and eat too many bananas.

There’s more details of the debate here, more information on the Dampier rock art here (with a book of the rock art available to purchase online), and an internet campaign to try and stop the madness here.

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  1. The power of greed can make a person justify anything, even justifying destroying a nation’s cultural heritage. sigh!!!!!

  2. As an Aussie I would like to see little John Howard thrown out. That man cares nothing for the environment and is only out to please big business.

    He would sell his soul if big business offered him the right price.

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