Adolf Hitler and the Chapman Brothers

Brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman have added some psychodelic rainbows and and hearts to their Adolf Hitler paintings that they bought at auction for £115,000 and are now selling them for £685,000. The paintings which will be sold as one work is called “If Hitler had been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be”

chapman brothers hitler paintings

He hoped the defacement of Hitler’s work, which includes landscapes, vistas of Roman ruins and still life, which the dictator painted when he was young, would have him “spinning”. The changes they had added meant it was no longer Hitler’s work, he added.
“If hell exists and Hitler exists in it, he would be spinning if he saw these. It’s not his work any more. It’s our work,” he said.

The Chapman brothers’ exhibition can be seen at the White Cube Gallery in London.

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  1. I love the title of the reworked piece! I hope it fetches the high price they are seeking.

  2. When do the Chapmans buy a van Gogh and add a smiley to it?…

  3. The Chapmans have plagiarised the central concept and method of my exhibit at the Thessaloniki biennale in May 2007. See:

    Ira Waldron

  4. douchebags

  5. and Ira Waldron plagarised both Duchamp and Banky’s defaced/reworked paintings

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