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Just browsing the new Art store online. It has been up for more than a week now so I wanted to see how it was going. At the moment it seems to be somewhere between eBay art and a Sotheby’s auction, with prices starting at $10 and going all the way up to $4,850,000.00.

I wonder how the big art auction houses are seeing this move. Art galleries are happy for now as works with the gallery rather than the artist, so they’re getting a piece of the action. If this Amazon Art thing gains traction, which I think it will, they might start allowing big collectors to move their million dollar Warhol prints for a much smaller cut than the auction houses take.

Anyway, the most expensive painting on Amazon Art at the moment is by Norman Rockwell, an oil painting called Willie Gillis: Package from Home, painted in 1941. $4,850,000.00 and it includes FREE shipping.

norman rockwell amazon art

The second most expensive artwork on Amazon Art is by Andy Warhol. Hamburger Michel from 1980 has an asking price of $1,450,000.00. How happy would Andy Warhol be with Amazon Art?! The business artist would love it.

andy warhol amazon art

And the cheapest work of art on is this screenprint below by Ryan Humphrey. It’s an untitled one dollar bill with “Humphrey Industries” stamped on it. $10 and it’s yours. No free shipping :-P

amazon art dollar bill

The second cheapest work is selling for $25. It’s by Nicole Kita and is called Inactive Ingredients (Aspirin) Bufferin, Bayer Safety Coated, Ecotrin, 2012. It’s also a print.

amazon art cheap work

The Amazon comments or reviews on many of them are interesting to look at too, especially the more expensive works. Many are the I could paint that type of comment, but some are quite funny. Have a browse of the Amazon Art website here.

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