Amazon to Sell Art Online

Amazon to Sell Art is planning to start selling art online again according to the Wall Street Journal. They plan to sell more than just posters and prints though, they plan to sell art with lots of zeroes on the price tags. Their cut for their part in the transaction will be between 5 and 20 percent.

Their last attempt at selling art failed but that was more than ten years ago now. Buyers and sellers are now coming around to the idea of selling high priced art online. Just the other night I was watching a live auction online in my bath robe while sipping coffee and eating cookies. If my bank account had permitted I could have been using my mouse to bid for work in the $100,000+ range. I forget who the auction house was now but they did a really good job of it (might have been Phillips or Bonhams?.. I think it was Phillips).

Amazon will work with art galleries and dealers to sell work, which I’m assuming means they won’t be working with artists directly. You always have to keep the middle men happy to make something work in the beginning ;-)

Anyway, it should be interesting to see how it goes. If it’s anything like Ebay art it will fail, but I’m thinking it should do pretty well. The market is ripe for the picking.

Update: See the cheapest and most expensive artworks on Amazon Art.

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