American Man Stuck in Giant Vagina Sculpture

man stuck in giant vagina

The only time art is ever mentioned in the mainstream media is when something bizarre or shocking happens and a man being swallowed by a giant vagina fits the bill. The American exchange student in Germany was trying to pose for a funny picture in the massive stone vagina sculpture and found himself stuck in it. Twenty-two firefighters and 5 rescue vehicles later and the guy was freed from the 6 foot high vagina.

The really big vagina was made by the Peruvian sculptorĀ Fernando de la Jara. It has been on display in the German city of Tuebingen for more than 10 years now. The vagina was not damaged during the rescue of the 20 year old.

very big vaginaMan trapped in very large vagina.

guy stuck in pussyGiant vagina swallows man whole. I should write headlines for a living ;-) His friend Erik Guzman took this picture of the event.

If you haven’t seen enough vaginas, here’s a wall of vaginas and here’s some tips on loving your vagina that I mentioned earlier.

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