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Harry Hurt has mentioned Art News Blog in the NY Times this week, which apart from swelling my head a little, also lead me to an interesting article about how an art novice starts collecting art.

Harry teams up with the art consultant Simon Watson and spends a day in the West Chelsea art district looking for “emerging artists with potential star quality.” Their challenge was to find good art at an affordable price, in the 3 to 4 figure range.

art news blog in new york times

Sticker Shock a Hazard, Even When the Artists Are Only Potential Stars
“Although my budget was so small as to be virtually indivisible, Simon had arranged visits to five galleries and two artists’ studios. I figured that gave me at least an outside chance to pick up a bargain in what he’d called the zoo, the West Chelsea district, bordered by 30th and 20th Streets and 10th Avenue and the Hudson River. With more than 300 galleries and countless studio spaces, it is one of the world’s most fertile cultural preserves.” Read full story at NY Times

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  1. I think it’s great your blog got a mention in NY Times. It’s always good to see what you put on here. : )

  2. Enjoyed the story, and how cool, to see your blog mentioned :)

  3. Okay. Where do I sign up to be an emerging artist?

  4. Thanks Helly.. and yeah, a New York Times mention is pretty cool Corrine, even if the story wasn’t really about Art News Blog ;-)

    Jan, you must want to be an “emerging artist” so you can start bringing in a multi-million dollar annual income! Sounds like “emerging artists” are asking for ridiculous prices straight out of art school. Who would want to be a mature artist?!


  5. Art Values !!!-??? Some new artists and a few just out of school are demanding higher prices on their work today. Sometimes they deserve it – and who knows, it may prove to be an “investment” worth many times its cost a decade from now. As a “mature” artist, my art values have risen from 400% to 10,000% over the past 40 years -Thus I’m finally able to pay all the bills, etc..

  6. Congrads on the NY Times mention.

    I personally feel this what ever that is going on in the world will result in the greatest exchange of wealth. Hopefully it will produce some new collectors in the process. There is very little info on art collecting and investing for the beginner. So anything on that topic will benefit all, including those of us who are re-emerging as artist.

  7. Many congratulations, just discovered your wonderful site. Many thanks for all the fun and informative content.

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