ANB in the Sydney Morning Herald

Art News Blog was mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald on Monday. I must admit that I still feel uncomfortable blowing my own horn and mentioning such things, but I’m getting over it.. slowly.

It was in the entertainment and TV Guide on the Webwatch page. Here’s what they say..

art news blog in sydney morning heraldIf you live by the thousand words philosophy, this blog on the world of visual art may be more your style. Penned by an Australian painter, it is very much a global exploration of the art industry, from new works to auction news. This provides another fresh perspective from someone who knows the subject intimately.

The picture taken is of this post here about New York City Garbage.

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Hey, congratulations on that! You are doing a great job and I would be extremely proud too if my sites were mentioned in a large press! ;) Keep up the good work, Dion!

  2. Congratulations. i have been following your blog for quite a few months now and can understand why you have been mentioned in the press. I live in Malta, a tiny European island/state in the middle of the mediterranean sea. Though being this far, i find your blog really interesting and informative. Keep it up.

  3. :) I live in Latvia – a tiny country in Eastern Europe and do read your blog just like Bertu ;-) Congrats!

  4. Well done!
    Blowing your own trumpet is what it’s all about, in or out of the art world.

  5. Nice one, well done!!

  6. Oh stop it! You have a great blog and it deserves to be highlighted. Congratulations, that is way COOL!

  7. Thanks, thanks people ;-)

    I have never been much good at accepting congratulations either!


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