And, umm.. Lucian Freud Interview

Easily the best living painter in the world.. in my humble opinion.

Before seeing or hearing Lucian Freud speak I thought he might be a more forceful person. I figured that the man would have been much less delicate than he is in person as his paintings are so strong and self assured.

I almost feel uncomfortable watching him as he seems naked, even if he is fully clothed.

The Lucian Freud interview is in 5 parts, so do go watch them all on YouTube. If you are a painter, you have to watch it all.

I found the video on Leith O’Malley‘s Facebook page. I also started a Facebook page for Art News Blog. I haven’t figured out what I do with it yet though!

Update: Freud has since died and the youtube videos that I had linked to are no longer working. Here’s a link to A Painted Life about the artist.

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  1. Wow. Amazing interview. I wonder if there are more from the same series. Anyhow. Its nice to see you catching up with the modern time – facebook page and all. Cool!

  2. He is a good painter – but after a while I find his work a bit dull and lifeless – it’s all a bit depressive. After you get over the greatness of his technique, skill and focus, one starts to wonder a bit about his message – it gets a bit drab and lacks any real sense of repore with the spirit of the subject – it’s all just dollops of flesh like old hessian bags with nobody inside – empty people.

  3. Wow.. Interesting Interview.. Thanks for posting… I’m not really a fan of his work but I’ve never seen him speak before.. He seems so timid.. it makes me think how Vulnerable you have to be to paint.. and makes me wonder if you only become more and more so, the more you do it.. hmm..

  4. Anonymous says:

    This blog is great. Nice link, Thanks

  5. Your right. He does seem very delicate and he seems quite soft spoke. Great interview though!

  6. Never expexted him to be anything like this! Very interesting contradiction, his paintings do seem so self assured…

  7. Lucian Freud is my favorite painter alive and one of my top 20 favorites of all times .

    your blog by the way is incredible .

  8. Dmitriy, I’m slowly modernizing ;-)

    David, I see what you mean, but I can’t get past his paint. If I was forced to say something bad about Lucian Freud it would be that he’s not a very exciting painter.. whatever that means. I have to forgive him for being a little boring though as he paints so well. His paint still excites me.

    G.Scott, makes me wonder too. Maybe that’s why so many old artists withdraw from society. We can only take so many layers of skin off before we’re completely exposed.

  9. I can’t get past his paint either, I love exploring his paintings, textures, brush strokes, colours, poses. Great interview, had never seen him talk before.

  10. Difficult to say “the best” but he is most certainly one of my favorite living painters. Great interview. For reviews and articles on art in Europe, and especially Switzerland, please visit my blog:

  11. Thanks for posting this video! Orator he is not, but his work is amazing…so he can be forgiven as many “um”‘s as he wishes to pursue. ;o)

  12. Anonymous says:

    such a strong painter, never would have guessed he’s so delicate/timid

  13. easily the best living painter! Why do you put superlatives everywhere?
    You people are desperate to find a hero or a genius all time..
    Keep it simple and pure:
    Lucian Freud is a respected painter and his talent is appreciated around the world.

    Intellectually and artistically speaking, the term best in art is like comparing apples and oranges.

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