Andrew Wyeth Dies at 91

American painter Andrew Wyeth passed away on the 16th of January, 2009 at the age of 91. He had his fans and critics, with labels as varied as one of the greatest 20th century American painters, to a mere illustrator, and corny Americana painter placed on the artist.

I think the best of Andrew Wyeth is more than illustration or American regionalism, it is contemplative and spiritual. The emptiness and simplicity allows the viewer’s mind to breathe, as much as a Rothko painting or a Brancusi sculpture can.

Andrew Wyeth Painting

Andrew Wyeth Christina's World

Andrew Wyeth Painting of Boats

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  1. I lean towards the latter two labels of Wyeth; illustrator & Americana corn.

  2. You might be right with some of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings Fabu, but I think his quieter works that don’t try to do much are wonderful.

    I do admit that I don’t like all of his work though.

  3. I don’t think there is an artist out there who I could say I liked all of their work.

    I find Wyeth’s work to be frequently emotionally compelling. There is a similar quiet strength to it that I also find in much of Richters work.

    Like all artists I think you need to see the paintings in life to truly get the impact.

  4. Donald Frazell says:

    He gets respect, cant think of many these days who should, as a true artist. He meets my three criteria for creative art. Defining mankind, in this case an America that was already slipping away. Exploring nature, which he did, in a certain time and place. Searching for god, an ethereal calm envelops his best works, something more, spiritual,elusive, yearning for. A light shines from within, energy created from colored mud.

    The thing was how he reflected Truth in something that really didnt exist anymore, childhood memories, held onto fiercely. America after WWI, especially after WWII, was no longer at this pace, the rhythms had changed, in the country as well as city. Mechanization changed the face of the land and people. But he kept their hearts. For we are all the same, from the beginnings of mankinds steps to civilization.

    Now, he isnt my cup of tea, but I do respect his hard work, ability, and feel for art. Triggering instense feeling of being alive, even in very calm and silent ways, IS art. I do enjoy far more types of art than 99% of artistes, just has to be at a certain level, with the goals I listed, and you will find that all great art does the same. But through a huge myriad of forms, each is up to the artists experiences, but always searching for more, simplyfying the complex relationships of life, and creating it in the work. He did so.
    RIP to an artist.

    Robert Graham, a classicist of limited but true abilities, preceded him by a week. We need to return to basics as they did, but even further, each artsit working from the fundamentals, discovering what works for him/her. Sensuality, masculinity, femininity, nature, spirituality need to return. The time for games and academic amusements is over. These guys were like Ingres, supposedly academic, but realy went thier own ways, and kept Truth as their goal. They achieved it, and so, get respect. They earned it. Not bought from some Academy.


  5. To see his work in real life is an education in art. The way he paints his subjects whether in their natural or artificial light is amazing. His critics will never really understand him. They are too shallow. As he says “you have to get to the bottom of your sole.”
    We’ll miss you Andy.

  6. I consider Wyeth one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. He expertly combines skill, meaning & imagery.

  7. In his paintings, Andrew Wyeth sends a message about the struggle, the simplicity and the way life really is in rural US.

    Too bad some people and critics can’t really “see” underneath the brush strokes.


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