Andy Warhol Fragrance

The New York perfume maker Bond no. 9 has released another Andy Warhol fragrance in their ongoing series of Warhol smells. “Andy Warhol Union Square” is the name of their newest bottle of pop perfume.

I’m not much of a perfume connoisseur as I really only have the last bottle of Andy Warhol perfume to compare it to, but I have been inspired to smell nice (most days of the week). Both the design of the bottle and the smells have improved from the first release, which was called Silver Factory by Bond No. 9. The new perfume bottle design looks more like it could have came straight out of the Warhol factory.

andt warhol perfume bond9

Bond No. 9 describes the perfume more eloquently than I could ever hope to, so here’s their description of the new Warhol fragrance..

“Let’s start with the scent itself. While most floral fragrances just hint at cool, and vice versa, this one is an ambi-sexual, daringly balanced mix of sweet and cool. Sometimes the gentle scent of lily of the valley seems about to prevail, looped together with blue freesia, golden amber, and animal musk to enhance its sensuality. At other times, crunchy green-stem notes and white birch wood are poised to turn this scent into one of pure, clean energy. But then the sweetness and the coolness merge, and stay merged.” Bond No 9

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  1. Perfume for men is one of the biggest cons under the sun. Psychological research shows that the smell of fresh male sweat – I emphasize fresh – is a major turn-on for women. Presumably they associate it with blokes giving them a great sweaty performance. By using a perfume, men mask a desirable quality!

    Have a bath guys, then break out in a sweat. It’s a lot cheaper than perfume and much more sexy to women.

    P.S. I joined MyBlogLog and added its tracking code to my blog and website. It worked the first day, then caused major hassles the following day. I couldn’t access my website at all and my blog refused to show up after I’d added a new post. So I removed the tracking code and everything returned to normal. I didn’t like all its cookies either.

  2. Well, I wan’t to keep away from women for a while Ian, so maybe I should be wearing more perfume! ;-)

    Also, I dont think I get many visitors from MyBlogLog (havent checked in a while though). Keep your account and keep logged in and you’ll show up on blogs that have it installed when you visit them. It’s one small part of the networking pie I guess.

  3. You would hope its smelled good for the price. I clicked on the Bond9 website and had a look at the prices.

    3.4 FL OZ (100ml) = $195
    1.7 FL OZ (50ml) = $135
    Portfolio (10 x 100ml) = $1500


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