Andy Warhol Wig

An Andy Warhol wig has sold for $10,800 at a recent film and entertainment auction by Christie’s. The silver mop that was worn by Warhol also came with three pieces of toupee tape still stuck inside it.

andy warhol wig

Warhol’s Silver Wig Sells for $10,800
“It was one of several lots put up at Christie’s auction house by Jeffrey Warhola, the artist’s nephew. A 1977 Polaroid photo of Muhammad Ali, signed by Warhol, sold for $19,200. And a Warhol Polaroid of Mick Jagger from 1975 went for $15,600.” Washington Post

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  1. Ewww.. that’s creepy. I wonder what a Warhol wig without the wig tape is worth!

    I saw somewhere that he planned to use them as art eventually.

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