Anthony Lister at Lyons Wier Gallery, NYC

Australian born artist Anthony Lister is showing at the Lyons Wier Gallery in New York City from March 19 through to April 19.

A lot of my favorite artists are painters that never really give up using the pencil (line). Painterly paintings are good but so are paintings that look like drawings. I guess I like painterly drawings or linear paintings. I like painterly paintings and linear drawings too ;-)

anthony lister painting
Anthony Lister – Terms of Engagement, 2010
Mixed media on canvas, 39.5 x 39.5 inches

anthony lister at Lyons Wier nyc
Anthony Lister – BET, 2010
mixed media on paper, 6.5 x 9.5 inches

australian artist anthony lister
Anthony Lister Super Girl 1, 2010
Mixed media on canvas, 14 x 11 inches

From the Lyons Wier Gallery blog..
“Known in the Low Brow movement for his intriguing, playful hybrid of street art, expressionism, and cubism all manifested in non-traditional media such as spray paint; Lister’s new body of work shows the tongue-in-cheek frivolity of his earlier pieces developing (or decaying) into a more mature and disturbing direction. The deformities and un-done aesthetic resolve of Lister’s work provides viewers with a concretization of contemporary societies’ psyche – or, as the artist himself states, “making the obvious more, well, obvious”.”

OPENING: Fri. March 19th, 2010 6-9pm
DATES: March 19th – April 19th, 2010
See more Anthony Lister works from the exhibition here or see the artist’s website here.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Please answer this in one of your blogs. I must know the answer.


    - noelle

  2. No. Art is subjective in effect, how it triggers emotions or amusement or intellectual thoughts or craftsmanship. Art should be defined more into what kind of art it is, Purpose drives everything.

    Throwing everything in one category is ridiculous, music is in different categories which have evolved according to region, but more importantly what that music does for the people. Pop, rap and rock for adolescents, popular, RandB, Blues and independant like flamenco for young adults, Jazz, Indian and European classical musics for mature adults who seek balance and meaning in life independant of ones own personal desires. Each artist and even each piece is the triggering device for emotions, the more complex and varied about all of life, the more mature it is.

    Our limited language lumps all visual art together and so the confusion. And adolescent art presented as that of mature, reasoning, passionate adults. Hormonal desires and rage is not adult, expressing oneself for children. Exploring our world, of humanity, nature and god, what the responsible adult does. And there is no freedom without responsibility.

  3. Fine art is for appeasing rich folks, making them feel at ease with their materialism, and justifyng their position in life. It decorates and is very finsihed, reflecting the need for control and power. Illustration is of the word, it supports ideas. Most contempt art is this, as well as therapy. Very childish. Pop art is just that, disposable and of the moment, not eternal truths. Creative art is for the mature, varied arts from throughout history are it, that which lasts, Modern art of our time, ignored by the academies to churn out artistes for profit now.

    To each his own, but the wearing of the mantle of adulthood by immature forms and artistes is quite irritating, and degrading to creative art. It is Imperial Clothing. And now being seen as such more and more, as it is without nuritional value, and leaves one empty as one progresses through life.

    It is difficult to grade within each form, some feel more from one artist than another,though some works stand out as pinnacles to which one should strive. How well one reaches those peaks is how one should be judged, but difficult at the moment to place exactly, as itme sorts things aout and seperates quality from fad. Entertainment and fashion are not art, they are its complement and the LCD, while creative art the Highest Common Denominator.

    But placing the artist in the categories is not so difficult. That only takes paying attention, and having reached full maturity. However, the kids took over art long ago. the adults left the building, they just may be coming back now. Or those within contmept art finally feeling a vigorless emptiness, and looking for more.

    No artist is good all the time, if one can produce 20% work worth keeping, one is doing great. Picasso turned out more trash, as well as quality works, than anyone. He kept it all, while most like Michelangelo burn or throwout their studies. Some works stand out, Demoiselles d’Avignon, Three Musicians and The Dance. They help define humanity, giving a common mythology and binds us together. Matisse Red Harmony and his Dance are A+,s, yet works like Klee’s are great also. Few however having that physical impact because of size and his poetic nature, yet still A quality work. Far more often actually, as those who went for home runs and the times, and so struck out, Klee more a singles hitter, and did at a very high average, and just as important as the sluggers(sorry for the baseball analogies, confusing to Aussies and their cricket i am sure).

    It is difficult to judge as to grade at the time their are created, as we get past our prejudices and infatuations of the moment, and we can look back and see which is essential, what triggers feelings of the eternal, not just what is all the rage at a particular moment in time.

    This is what creative artists seek, pop can have the fashionable, jsut gt out of our territory, stop mixing the Beatles with Miles Davis, that just ain’t right, no more than putting Warhol next to Kiefer. Completely different, and both can get A’s, just in different buildings. And one for adults, the other for their kids. Who seem to be stuck in immaturity, as Obama quoted Paul, it is time to put aside childish things. It is time to grow up.

    art collegia delenda est

  4. Yeah, a lot of contemporary art is tasteless and without nutrition Donald, but I’m still not tired of it yet. Mcdonalds art for the drive thru society but we keep pulling in as its easy and kind of tastes like food.

    I will get old-er and realize that all this time I have been chewing on cardboard, but for now its fun and easy. If we eat mostly home cooked Cezannes we should be fine though. If all we ate were drive thru Hirsts we might end up sick, but if that’s all you eat youre asking for trouble.

    Perhaps we put too much pressure on art (painting in particular), expect too much from it. Art as decoration can be done just as well as art for the soul too.

    I got the baseball thing too :-P
    In cricket Klee probably hit 1s, 2s and 3s rather than hitting them for 4 or 6.. maybe.

    I’m never gonna grow up Donald. All the grown ups I know are retards. I dont know if its the physical age of the body that makes us crazy or its the choices of the mind that decides our fate. Perhaps its human nature. Who knows, but we do lack as a species.

  5. Tonight, as I sit here, my sister in law in my bed as i have to take her to the airport, me on the sofa, my adopted son and his half brother sleeping in the extra room, as the other is my wifes office and not habitable at the moment, i know peace. My biological is nearby and spoken to david, yet i have only spoken him once in almost three years. Yet i know peace. i have done all I can, and accomplished more than most could ever dream, especially those who wannabe artistes. Yet I crave more. Not to have, but to leave behind me, as i know the clock is ticking, I have always felt it. All those who do leave something behind feel it.

    There is more, and i must participate, not for attention, as I love my tranquility, just me and my gorgeous and so damn talented wife. Dozens of kids, many i am watching on TV in march madness I have coached or known through basketball, and those already out of it and some in the NBA, yet finding their ways as men. A term less and less applicable these days.

    Art is so much more. Or at least can be, though seldom taken to such extremes. It can be a guide for us, or a distraction from reality to temporarily feel better about ourselves even when not true. And nothing is worse than lying to ourselves, frontin, fakin, vogueing, BSing. Look at what has been done, and not how it affected us politically, but how it shifted society, and how we view ourselves, this is our job, it is not about fun, it is a role in human culture. We all have one,we must stop having fun and our own well being, and contribute, as life cannot be taken for granted, this i have known, and feel to this very moment. All can be lost, yet still there is life, there is meaning, there is hope.

    As artists this is our task, our purpose, our sacred trust. We must be up to the responsibility, it is not about us. Humanity is in the balance right now as much as it ever has been. Art is needed now like never before.

    Yet we should drink our wine, and drink in life. We did tonight, my son David never having met his now aunt Maryam, both doctors, or soon to be, and she gave him much to motivate and practicle too. We are all family. Art reveals this, it creates a common mythology, a bondng of us as one, even those who wish to rebel or cant bring themselves to lower their sense of both grandeur and weakness. Art has purpose.

    After all the years of being sickend by the crap and selfish amusement and excusing of contempt art, now there is a fresh breeze in the fallen towers of our decadence. We must rebuild in a new way, or all will be lost. All generations have their battles to fight, or did till the last few. We got soft. Its what humans do, problem solve. Its time we got back to what those issues truly are, and stop with the selfishness. It is time to nput aside childish things. Humanity is on trial, it is Judgment time. We will decide the verdict by our actions, the time of talk is over, its been said, time for action.

    Athenas’s Nike is waiting to take flight. Or not.

    art collegia delenda est

  6. Well…back to the topic of Anthony Lister: Good on him for getting a show in the big apple. I have enjoyed his paintings for a while, however these new ones leave me a little cold. Too illustrative for my tastes. His earlier work was stranger, more psychologically charged, yet fun, as well. Made you think. These look sanitised for the American, commercial market – or may be I’m just a stick in the mud for more painterly paintings

  7. Its great to see Anthony Lister getting a big show. As for the comments on whether art should be graded, I guess it depends on how seriously you take your art and whether you create for personal or commercial reasons. When I paint/draw for myself, I don’t care what category it appears to be in, but when I’m looking to sell work, I’ve got to aim for a target market.

  8. I like Lister’s more illustrative style with this newer work. But then again, I am partial to paintings that look like drawings:)

    Art usually is (offically) graded in art classes and juried shows last time I checked.

  9. How should art be graded?

    Well last time I checked grade is defined as a degree or step in scale, as of rank, advancement, quality, value, or intensity.

    So grading art should probably be based around those qualities.

    When I look at a new piece of art, and judge it’s “grade” tend to take into consideration several things.

    I first notice how strong it makes me feel, emotionally or otherwise. If it is to a high degree that gets major brownie points.

    Then I usually notice it’s quality. composition, detail, beauty, ect..

    Then I usually reflect on the piece as a whole, and if it advances art in any way. If it does that gets major points in grade.

    I usually will take another look at the piece after that and think about where it’s place in the art community is. This judgment is based upon the last 3 paragraphs I have written.

    Is this piece in the same class as Leonardo DaVinci’s “Ginevra de’ Benci”? Is on the level of 3 year old Bobby Smith’s “Kitty” ( which happens to be displayed on his parent’s fridge)?

    These are extremes I know, but my point is where does the the piece of art fall? If it is on or close to the rank of Leo’s “Ginervra de’ Benci” then that artist is sure to get a A+. Of course most art I have seen lately
    seems to fall a bit shorter than that. (sorry guys, but Leo is my favorite artist hehe)

    So now the grade. (Leo is 10, 3 year old Bobby a 1. That is the scale I’ll use here) If the artwork is 6/10 or more Than in my opinion it is worth notice in the art community. 7.5/10 or more should make an impact and inspire.

    Well I think that says it.. That is how I grade art.. I would like to write a bit about elitism and how it tends to skew the grading of art, but that’s for another comment.

    Oh btw I like Lister’s new work very much.. ;) 7/10 I would say..

    Matthew J Dinehart

    (visit my blog!)

  10. Just testing a comment on art news blog.


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