Anthony Lister at Olsen Irwin in Sydney

anthony lister exhibition in sydney

The last time I mentioned Anthony Lister on Art News Blog I stopped posting for 3 years. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again as I’m enjoying being back, it’s good therapy. Anyway, he’s showing at Olsen Irwin in Sydney at the moment.

I really do like Anthony Lister’s work. Not all of it as he seems to be very experimental and doesn’t always hit the target, but that’s why I think he’s great. My theory is, if you’re not doing shit work on a regular basis you’re not pushing far enough. If all your work is great, it’s probably all very boring too.

Here’s a few beauties from the exhibition..

anthony lister flower painting

Anthony Lister – Fading Bastard.

anthony lister skull and flowers

Anthony Lister – Mortality.

anthony lister still life painting

Anthony Lister – Still Life.

jesus painting anthony lister

Anthony Lister – Jesus.

still life fruit by anthony lister

Anthony Lister – Fruit.

The Olsen Irwin gallery is showing The beautiful misery by Anthony Lister from the 7th of August through to the 25th. See more details on the exhibition here at the gallery’s website.

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  1. J’aime bien votre forme d”expression un peut déjanté mais très dynamique
    excellent travail Bravo

  2. Beautiful work, wish I could go to Australia.

  3. Very strong work, better than your last blog entry though had some good ones then too.

  4. Yeah, he’s definitely one of the more interesting artists from the whole urban art scene.

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