Anti-Semitic Cartoon Contest

After the insanity of the Muslim Cartoon controversy, there’s now a new and improved way for angry young men to express themselves. A graphic artist from Dimona Comix in Israel has come up with the Anti-Semitic Cartoon contest by Jews, to make fun of Jews.
I think it should be open to Muslim countries too though. It would make much more sense to give those that have been out smashing windows because of a cartoon, to create their own offensive cartoon.
The whole fiasco would be funny if it hadn’t caused so much damage.
I think cartoons could be part of a country’s arsenal. Rather than dropping bombs on a country, world leaders could just publish offensive cartoons of each other. War would be much more interesting if leaders traded blows with one ridiculous cartoon after the after.

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  1. I didnt see this story.. where an Iranian newspaper is publishing anti-Jew cartoons..
    “The Iranian newspaper Hamshari daily has stated that it will publish anti-Semitic cartoons in response to the Danish Mohammad cartoons. The newspaper, owned by the Tehran city council, says that the anti-Semitic cartoons will lampoon the Holocaust, following denials by the Iranian government that the Holocaust even happened, and will show “America and Israel’s crimes and plundering”. The newspaper has launched an international competition to find the most suitable caricatures about the Holocaust.” Hamshari Daily

  2. Hey! Why not a cartoon jihad waged daily in the funny papers to see which side is more insulting to the others religious beliefs. The Iranians would most certainly lose however because to create “funnies”, political or otherwise, you need a sense of humor.
    After all, there aren’t any Islamic comedians because as soon as they think up a good joke about Islam they have to cut off their own head.
    Hey ya’ll, Take off the explosive undergarments, put on a Smiley Tee-shirt, crack a near beer and lighten up you happy go lucky followers of the MO bro.
    You got OIL! Life is GOOD!

  3. I agree with the original blog on the insanity of the current situation.
    Two points of disagreement with the posted comments:
    1. Jews are very good at taking the Mickey out of one another, and I have a very amusing book of Jewish cartoons somewhere,
    2. The UK boasts a stand-up Muslim commedienne who pokes fun at Muslims and she hasn’t been beheaded yet. I’ve seen her on TV a couple of times, but can’t recall her name.
    If only we could sort out everything with a cartoon jihad. Wouldn’t that be fun. Low mortality rate too!

  4. Sure, Jews might be good at making fun of Jews, but I was thinking it would be good for angry Muslims to be able to express themselves more creatively.
    Like, anyone can kick in a window and chant God is great (which we all know he/she/it is), but it is more challenging and more relieving to express that anger with a pen or a brush.
    Nothing vents my anger more than punching into a stretched canvas with a paint brush.
    Keep me out of the studio for too long and see how angry I can become.. but that’s another story!

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