Archibald Packing Room Prize Winner

Australia’s most talked about art prize will soon (March 2) announce the winner for 2007. They have already announced what is called the “Packing Room Prize”, which is where the gallery staff that install the exhibition get to vote for a winner. It’s a good way to let the media and public know that the Archibald prize is coming, and it’s a tradition that the award has had for a long time.

The Packing Room Prize winner was the Sydney artist Danelle Bergstrom, with a portrait of the Australian actor Jack Thompson, called “Take Two: Jack Thompson”

archibald prize packing room winner 2007

“Danelle chose to paint Jack Thompson for several reasons; “He’s an Australian icon whose acting career spans more than 40 years, he’s a committed environmentalist and importantly because he’s down to earth, unpretentious and a truly genuine Australian bloke.” Jack Thompson has appeared in more than 70 feature films and television series. He is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN High Commission for Refugees.” Archibald Prize

The Archibald finalists for 2007 are online here. For those that are good at picking winners, go have a bet on your favorite artist at SportingBet! (yes, you can really bet on it). If I was a gambling man I would put my money on Paul Ryan’s Fink on the Phone. The favorite to win is Paul Hannah’s self portrait “Tubes”.

I would not be surprised if there was no winner awarded in 2007 though, as none of the paintings are very inspiring.

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