Archibald Prize Winner 2005

John Olsen has won the Archibald Prize for portraiture in Sydney, Australia this year. The artist had criticized the Archibald previously, calling it a chook raffle.
john olsen - archibald prize 2005

Olsen’s “Self portrait Janus faced” was announced to be the winner at lunch time today. Edmund Capon of the Art Gallery of NSW said the judges were debating the winner right up till the end. Nicholas Harding’s portrait of Australian artist Robert Dickerson “Bob’s daily swim” was said to be one of the other works that judges were favoring.

I’m happy with the Archibald winner this year, even if I don’t necessarily like the painting that much, I love the artist.

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  1. Oh, also, other Archibald Prize entrants can be seen here..

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