Archibald Prize Winner for 2007

John Beard has won the Archibald Prize in Sydney. My prediction was wrong, so I’m glad I’m not a gambling man.

The subject of the portrait is the installation artist Janet Laurence.

From this collaboration of artist and artist-as-subject, a kind of double portraiture emerges. If a viewer knows the work of the artist portrayed, another visual layer resonates. Without the use of colour – that might highlight the differences or similarities between his subjects – Beard focuses the viewer’s attention not just on the individual sitter but on the structure of the painting itself. Light plays an important role in the visual dynamic of the image as we literally move around these sculptural works to fully appreciate their form and making.” Archibald Prize Winner

archibald prize winner

The winner of the Wynne prize was the landscape painter Philip Wolfhagen for his “Winter Nocturne IV”, Graham Fransella won the Trustees’ Watercolour Prize with his “Burnt Landscape with Figures”, and David Disher won the Sulman Prize for his “Axis of Elvis” painting.

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  1. That’s a fabulous portrait. Of course I am a wee bit biased since I love black and white close up portraits.

  2. Yeah, it’s not bad. My guess is that it’s probably a much better painting in real life.

    I little texture, some brush work, and the smell of drying oil paint does it for me more than pixels. (I do love the internet and digital art too though!).

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