Armed Robber Steals $150,000 Moran Art Prize

prisoner wins moran prize

Like my title? I should have a job writing headlines for newspapers. Shocking, catchy, truth stretcher, offensive, etc. But seriously, the Australian artist Nigel Milsom who is currently serving a 6 year prison sentence for armed robbery has won the $150,000 Moran portrait prize for his painting of Uncle Paddy.

The media here in Australia have been in a frenzy and every man and his dog has a very strong opinion on it one way or the other. The Doug Moran National Portrait Prize has finally realized that the only way to get mainstream media attention is controversy.. lots of controversy. Something the Archibald prize has known for a long time now.

I usually like artists that are rebellious, offensive, questioning, slightly mad and generally law breaking. So you would think I would be cool about a prisoner winning an art prize worth $150,000, but I’m not. If he was in prison for overthrowing the criminal government that rules over us with violence and threats of imprisonment I would be fine with him winning it, but violently robbing a 7 eleven convenience store is just stupid crime. He deserves to be behind bars and I hope the winnings are going to the store clerk that he robbed.

nigel milsom moran winner

Nigel Milsom – Uncle Paddy – 2013 winner of the Doug Moran Portrait Prize in Sydney.

It’s not a bad painting. I’m not sure about all the angular Bernard Buffet lines though. I like his painterly portraits much more.

The much less controversial winner of the 2013 Moran photographic prize worth $50,000 was John Janson-Moore.

moran photography prize winner

John Janson-Moore – Nyrripi Girl With Finger. 2013 Winner of the Moran Photographic prize.

See the 2013 Moran Prizes finalists at their website here.

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