Art and Vaginas

I always seem to have a giggle when I look through the keywords used to find Art News Blog. I mentioned vaginas on the pussy casting post a while ago and people came up with these creative vagina search terms..

vagina art

painted vaginas
is vagina art
funny vaginas
how to draw a vagina
interesting looking vaginas
white vaginas
weird vaginas
big fat vaginas
fattest vagina
huge vaginas
small vaginas
5 different looking vaginas
black vaginas
boobs and vaginas
do black women have pink vaginas
are japensee women’s vaginas look different?
asian vaginas
fake vaginas
circumsized vaginas
show me sexy vaginas of women
i want vaginas
different colored vaginas
renaissance art why no vagina


art pussy
painted pussies
why do pussies look so good?

Looking at the search terms using “nude” to find the blog are much more disturbing to say the least. People were looking for everything from nude 3 year old girls through to senior sex. I seriously do worry about the intentions of some searchers.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Dont even get me started. Though It would look good painted, creating a musical rhythm of pussy, sorta like an erotic Klee.


  2. O_O

    Disturbingly funny.

  3. Bruce Earl says:

    Are the ones in the image all human? A couple on the top row remind me of a sheep I once dated back in Wolamolonga. Sheila was her name and she was a real bewt – a bit on the wooly side but once sheared… well nead I say more! Happy days. Thanks for the memmory.

  4. hmm.. keep animals out of this vagina conversation or i’ll also start attracting animal lovers to the blog.. and I don’t just mean animal lovers that pat dogs or save habitats, i mean looovers..

    I already have people finding the blog that probably should have their private bits cut off. I dont need animal looovers too.

  5. Earl (no relation to Bruce) says:

    Reminds me of the story of the lady who went for plastic surgery on her private bits… you know … sort of trimmed them back a bit. The doctor did the the op and asked if the cut off bits could be donated to medical science to which she readily agreed.

    The next week she was introduced to a very happy young man who thanked her profusly for her generosity. The doctor explained to her that that the young man was from the serious burns unit and was delighted with his new ears.

  6. Love the “new ears” gag!

    Now to be serious. BBC News recently published the top 10 items searched for by children:

    1. YouTube
    2. Google
    3. Facebook
    4. Sex
    5. MySpace
    6. Porn
    7. Yahoo
    8. Michael Jackson
    9. Fred (YouTube star)
    10 eBay.

    It’s good to know the cherubs are more interested in sex and porn than they are in Michael Jackson! It restores one’s faith in human nature.

  7. Not sure it restores my faith in human nature Earl. Hopefully the kids using the search engines have listened in their sex education classes at school (if only they would make that compulsory in all schools here) and don’t just have porn on the net as their education.

  8. Oops I meant I was replying to Coxsoft Arts.

  9. Earl, Earl, Earl.. always the joker. I bet the guy found it weird when his mates started licking his

    My guess at what kids search for would be..

    celeb 1
    celeb 2
    celeb 3

    oh, and celebrity sex tapes.

    That’s all theyre interested in. celebrities and

  10. I’d just like to know how you knew that I’d just done a ‘vagina’ search?????

  11. scary and funny …

  12. Anonymous says:

    Where are the “au naturale” pussies? All these shaved versions leave me cold….

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ok, this might be an odd question, but which vagina do you find sexy, and which one is a bit unattractive (fugly). Provide details in terms of rows and columns. I personally like 2nd Row, 4th Column, or 2nd Row, 1 Column. Both of them look tight :-)I cant comment on the fugly ones, cos once you’re hard, any vagina will do :)

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