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Almost every man and his dog now have a blog, so I thought I would share a few. A lot of them come and go, as that just seems to be the nature of blogs, but there’s also a lot of blogs that just keep going.

This is not a “best of” list of art blogs, they’re just a few blogs that I have been reading more recently. Feel free to leave your favorite blogs in the comments.

Update: the list of art blogs has been shortened considerably as so many have just stopped posting over the years.

  • ArtJournal Blogs – AJ Blogs Central is a network of arts blogs that cover things like music, visual arts, media, architecture, and culture.
  • Art & Perception – Is now a community blog for artists to write and comment on all things art.
  • Coxsoft Art News – International art news, gossip, and reviews from the UK.
  • The Art Life – Australian art blog with news, musings, and reviews.
  • Art Forum Blog – Art news diary from the Art Forum magazine.
  • Self Vs. Self – Writings of a working artist in Australia (Hazel Dooney).
  • BoingBoing – Blog of interesting and often unnecessary things.
  • We Make Money Not Art – Contemporary art news and reviews.

Like I said, there’s plenty more art blogs out there that are worth checking out. Most blogs have links in their sidebar linking to more blogs, which is a great way to discover new blogs.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. I am really honored that you have included my blog in the list. thankyou.
    I’m going to have fun exploring your list.

  2. of course i have to mention my blog

    but this is a great list as well most of which i do check out daily

  3. Anonymous says:

    can you add to your list blog og great artist Alexander Klevan?


  4. I took some time to visit each blog on your list. I can see why you like them. Drawn is fun and Art & Perception is cerebral. self vs self is very interesting to read and the writing is excellent (plus the artwork).

    regards jafabrit

  5. Yeah, theyre three blogs that I try to read regularly Jafabrit.

    There’s so many more out there too. There just isnt enough hours in the day!


  6. is a great blog that features an artist who blogs everyday for a month while he attempts the taks of creating 40 artworks.

    anyone can participate if they have the passion for it

  7. “Art & Perception is cerebral”

    Is that good? I think an art site should be more than that. Perhaps you can help, Dion.

    (imagine a smile here, I try not to type them out, it can get to be a bad habit)

  8. Dion, other art bloggers, we just moved to WordPress for Art & Perception. I highly recommend it, especially if you publish on your own domains. I was spending more time fighting with Blogger than blogging until we made the switch. We have some top notch computer experts developing our WordPress blog templates now, and these are going to be available for everyone I believe. I copied the template onto my personal blog also — much better than the html code I was writing myself.

  9. Karl, I like the new look. I have also thought about moving to WordPress for a while now.

    The extra work of moving scares me.. and so does the technical issues involved in such a change.

    I will eventually move.. Im just waiting to see if God will approve my request to extend each day to 30 hours rather than the 24 hours we now have!


  10. Dion,

    Same here about the idea of moving to WordPress. I waited for a long time. Way too long, and I wasted a lot of time on Blogger that could have been put to better use.

    The move is really easy to do, in fact. Much simpler than fighting with Blogger every single day. Once you have you WordPress blog, you can import your Blogger blog posts & comments. It works beautifully.

    There is a free service to have wordpress installed for you:

    Rex is developing his art site in WordPress further, starting from the Art & Perception base. He has some exciting plans.

  11. I asked the

    guys to install wordpress on a new domain for me. They responded and got the thing up very fast:

  12. Youre making it look easier to do than I thought it was Karl!

    I might have to move the job forward on my to do list.

  13. Anonymous says:

    One of the most interesting art blogs I’ve come across is Gabriel Laderman on Art.

    He’s a figurative painter that started as an abstract expressionist back in the ’50s and he has very strong and interesting opinions about art (and some interesting anecdotes).

    Check him out.

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