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HellyUK has pointed out a couple interesting links relating to the Promoting your Art post yesterday.

From Times Online, they talk about artists using a whole bunch of new marketing and sales techniques that were once frowned upon by “fine artists.” Heavyweight hitters like Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk and Peter Blake are selling their own work at the Art Car Boot Fair..

“With Sotheby’s and Christie’s holding record-breaking sales almost every week, artists are cashing in every which way they can. The modern-day art wagon is bursting with big names peddling art paraphernalia, from Blake’s tax-disc holders, or Noble and Webster’s necklace version of their F***ing Beautiful sculpture, to Damien Hirst’s pill charm bracelets and skull T-shirts.” Times Online

The Art Car Boot Fair 07 was held on the 8th of July. A few artists (Sir Peter Blake, Sarah Baker, Ian Monroe and Anthony Gross) were also commissioned to paint a new Vauxhall car for the day.

In another comment on the Car Promotion post of yesterday, Steven suggests making your whole car into a work of art! He says your life will never be the same again, and I can see why!

Also, from a post last year.. Scott Wade has used the dirt on his car to create art.

The possibilities are endless..

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  1. I am really starting to wonder!
    Maybe I am just old fashioned, or maybe I am just out of touch. But art, like music, like information, like politics, seem to be going through tremendous changes and upheavals. People seem so willing and quick to jump on the band wagon of popular ideas and novel marketing money spinners. One day I think Art, Money, IP addresses, Bloggs, Music, Books, etc. etc. will all form together and be the major component of who we are. To me the loss of ideas and individuality through these sell out ideas is quite scary. But then again I am blogging a lot lately. Anyone got a NEW idea on how to promote me and my art. I am sure the poor people of this world have got a few ideas. Maybe if I put the car on the art work, instead of the art work on the car. Then with the right price it would most likely sell. Cool!

  2. Yeah, I struggle with monetizing art David, but I would rather be a little more marketing savvy than go back to work in an office or a factory. Thats the pits for me.

    To profit from a passion is more appealing than paying the bills with a 9 to 5 job.

    It would be great to not need money at all, but that isn’t going to happen on this planet. Landlords or banks don’t take paintings as payment.

    Like anyone though, artists can and do sell their soul to the dollar. There is a happy medium between selling yourself out and living comfortably.


  3. Yes, I do agree with you Dion. Maybe it’s because I am managing a retail shop, and never semm to be able to eclipse myself. It’s the rapid change of our times and the social meaning and legitamcy of it all, that concerns me. But maybe all times are like this – your either in or your out of touch. What is the main focus of attention in the art world now, Gallerys or the Net?

  4. I share your concerns David.

    I’m so behind in my thinking that I don’t think that money should have anything to do with art, and that art should be done by the artist, but the thought of being a 9to5 slave (and having no time to create art) scares me enough to think that it’s ok to make money from art. Which means we have to run the ship like a business or we sink.

    I think galleries will still be important for a long time to come. But the net has taken some of their power over artists. Artists can and do make enough online to survive without an art gallery, but I can’t see why we can’t use the net and the gallery to show and sell art.

  5. I actually enjoy seeing some of the marketing ideas that artists come up with as well as doing their art work- and what is a private view in a gallery if not a marketing event?

    It’s not solely about sales with marketing art. If you want people to see your artwork, to engage with it, not just buy it they have to be aware of it.

    If you make art, you do it because you need to, like a writer feels the need to write; but having people see your work is a big part of the process.

  6. I put my art on cars all the time, as Hood Ornaments:


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