Art Con Changes Tune – Hanks Thomas Scam

The good thing about those pathetic art scammers has been that their story never changes. They’re moving from place A to place B, they need some of your wonderful art to hang in their new home, and for some strange reason the stupid woman is always pregnant (God help the world if these people do actually breed).

Well, the idiots are evolving now and are starting to change their stories up a bit. Now they’re “art dealers” and “art exhibitors” looking to buy your work. Here’s an example by the scammer Hanks Thomas..

Hi Andrea,My name is hanks.I’m an art dealer/exhibitor based in bradford in the united kingdom.I deal in original artworks and also showcase them in exhibitions all over the world.I got to see your works via the search engine while looking for artworks of great impression and i’m willing to buy from you the artwork stated as the subject of this email.Kindly let me know if it’s available for sale.If yes,quote the price and let me know the method(s) of payment that is acceptable to you.I’m looking forward to reading from you.Have a wonderful day… Regards,Hanks

Lesson for today: Don’t accept checks/cheques online when selling artwork. Use or

Thanks Andrea for sharing. There’s more of the email exchange with Hanks Thomas posted on a previous Art Scam post.

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  1. I’ve actually gotten a few of these emails through my Etsy shop. They’re formulaic, for sure.

  2. …not to mention poor grammar usage!

  3. If genuine, these “dealers” don’t buy. They exhibit you artworks at a massive percentage of sales. They are almost as bad as the scammers!

  4. The grammatical atrocities are typical of Nigerian scamsters.

  5. I just discovered your blog. I like reading all the different things you write about, and I enjoyed seeing the images of the work you do. Nice stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  6. yeah, get a lot of scams. I always have won, amazing opportunitys with galleries, or buyers as you say.

    Good spreading the news anyway.


  7. Merry Christmas down there! What do you eat, I know the Brits eat goose, we got ham or turkey, wallabee or roo stew??

  8. Merry Christmas Donald.
    Ham and prawns (shrimp) are probably constants on the chrissie menu. BBQ food is big too as its summer now.

    Hope your neck of the woods isnt too chilly.


  9. or, they just need your banking information and then they will deposit millions into your account:)

  10. I had one of these target me through a art social networking site which i had opened that same day. Perhaps they can trawl for email addresses that way?

  11. I own a small online art gallery (theme site) and what I do to prevent scammer from getting into our forum or seeing our members email is : First -I hide my members email address- That’s simple enough.
    Second- I request all new would-be members send me the URL of their artist site or blog before they can register.

    We’ve had scammers go so far as to send a random artist blog and say ‘here it is.’ If the scammers email doesn’t seem to match the blog – we’ll write the artist at their blog and ask if they’ve recently attempted to join us. Busted several scammers that way.


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