Art Dolls by Junker Jane

handmade art dolls of junker jane

I know I’m a guy and I’m not supposed to like dolls, but these handmade art dolls are much cooler and realer than the fake plastic abominations that are sold to kids today. Junker Jane (Catherine Zacchino) out of┬áPortland Oregon creates these awesome little one of a kind art dolls or soft sculptures and sells them on Etsy for very reasonable prices. I would much rather my kid (if I had one) being attached to a little work of art with character than to a soulless piece of plastic made in China.

soft sculpture art dolls

Junker Jane – Mistress Demonia.

junker jane art dolls

Junker Jane – Handmade plush monster, Monster Wolfgang.

cute dolls

Junker Jane – Petite Papillion.

junker jane art dolls

Junker Jane – Monster Rabbit Winnie.

scary art dolls

Junker Jane – Monster Scuttle.

See more of Catherine Zacchino’s awesome art dolls at her Etsy store website here. She’s also on facebook here.

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  1. This doll is for adults hence you enjoy it, most children (I’ve got two , observed many others) will go for the object THEY enjoy which is invairably not what their parents enjoy , I think most children would prefer the plastic as it has symmetry of features and a pleasent colour unlike the doll you enjoy.

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