Art Initials Paintings

In the manner of the money series by Anthony White and the One Thousand paintings by Sala, comes the Art Initials series by the artist Mart in Switzerland.

Here’s the details of Art Initial paintings..

Each letter-pair exists only once – its portrait is a one-ofa-kind. Mart paints a letter pair from AA to ZZ on 676 30-by-30-centimeter, white-primed canvases – all in the same font and size. Internet users can order their selected letter pair in the colors, navy blue, midnight black, or Kashmir beige.

art initials paintingsThe prices for the pictures are not fixed; they develop dynamically. The more pictures sold and the more popular the letters, the higher the price. If a picture is sold, all other available pictures increase in price by EUR 1, and pictures with the same first or second letter increase by EUR 5 each. The currently least expensive letter pair costs 41 euros.

When all pictures are sold, the website is to continue as a community: the buyers of the pictures around the globe can then compare notes with other “initials” owners and tell why they chose their specific letter pair. It is not mandatory to select one’s own initials. A quick check with a search engine delivers a vast array of meaning for each letter pair these days. The one-of-a-kind therefore becomes an even more personal commodity.

To see more about the Art Initials series of paintings, see the Website here.

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