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big tits - art is everything

I have been helping a friend move house all day, which is the closest thing I have come to a holiday in a long time now. While packing one of the rooms I discovered this wonderful ready-made work of art. I called it “Big Tits” and tried to convince my friend that it’s a masterpiece. He wasn’t hearing it though, sticking to his opinion that all artists are weird and full of it ;-)

He could have a point, but I still think art is everything. I have no visual off button, it’s like my whole life is spent thinking about images, and I don’t just mean pictures on walls, I mean everything. An interestingly composed pile of rubbish can excite me more than an average painting. Which doesn’t mean I think the rubbish should be in a gallery, I just don’t think art stops when you leave the gallery.

Anyway, enjoy my found “Big Tits” and feel free to make your own! ;-)

tennis balls as big tits

Two tennis balls and a small frame. It could be my version of the Mona Lisa.. or not.

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