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If only I paid more attention in English classes at school.. and could work well in teams.. and remain calm under pressure! They’re just some of the qualities that I don’t have for an interesting job at the Art Newspaper. It sounds like a dream job for someone into art and wanting to travel to some interesting places.

Here’s what they’re after..

Art Market Editor – maternity cover (full time)
The Art Newspaper

Salary: dependent on experience

The Art Newspaper is looking for an experienced art market journalist/editor for a period of 10 months, starting 1 November 2008.

The candidate will be based in our London office working on our monthly issues, and must be willing and able to join The Art Newspaper team for Art Basel Miami Beach (Dec 2008), Armory in New York (March 2009) and Art Basel (June). The role includes reporting on auctions (many of which take place in the evenings) and art market news, as well as coordinating our team of international reporters.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrable experience of art market reporting and editing.

However, we will in exceptional cases consider candidates with a track record of working in the art market who wish to transfer to journalism, or general arts journalist/editors with robust modern and contemporary art history who would like to specialise in the art market.

Shortlisted candidates may be asked to complete a written assignment or art history test.

Ability to work in teams with other writers and editors, and remain calm under pressure, essential.

Please send a CV with covering email explaining your suitability for the role and salary expectations to a.hales (at) Closing date for applications Thursday 21 August.
Anna Hales
a.hales (at)
Deadline for application: 8/21/2008
Link to the Job Posting is here.

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Donald Frazell says:

    Sounds like a perfect job for you, if you could hire an assistant to do the copy editor stuff. Put in your papers, and will get back to your blog in a year. If they dont hire you permanently. Need people with a head on their shoulders in the art market, its so confused it needs inside help as well as Aholes like me attacking it from the outside.

  2. I was thinking it would suit you more Donald. You would have to bite your tongue quite a bit in the beginning, but I’m sure you could become more expressive with your ideas as the 10 months drew closer to an end.

    I would love to be sent on all the assignments, I just wouldnt like the pressure of a real job.. it scares me. Not to mention my issues with authority.

  3. Donald Frazell says:

    No way I could do it, and have to deal with the fog and food that leasds to typical English dental hygiene issues? No way.

    If you can deal with rabel rousers like me(A nicer term than the one you called it), you can deal with those overgrown children. You got the skills, my wife is a designer and loves how you put this site together also. You got real talent. And the creative arts needs someone with their own opinion on the in side.

    I am an outsider. Thats just who I am, We are born with nothing in us, which is why contemporary art is so bad, thinking we are born as minigods. Art is the result of thousands of years of human development, culture. Winding ones way through the horse crap is an artists job, and discovering forms of plastic expresion that reveal truth. Building works that are equivalent to life, that breathe, live, and so give us a fresh perspective on life. And spirituality, through the flesh.

    We are simply born with certain temperaments, mental and physical abilties, a depth of soul, the passion and love for life that overcomes our own weaknesses and self absorbed individuality. The love of self is what has put us in the predictament we are in, our mental abilities and skill wiht the physical world are great. Our spirits are weighed down with decadent self worship. The world is OUT there, not inside. Our response to the complexity of life and understanding of our being part of a finite, if mind bogling universe. Persoanly I think there are other universes out there far beyond our own, but that we will never know and is another thread for a science blog. Science must be understood for an artist to reflect our world, something not taught or known in the inbred artworld. Nor our human history. And so we have mediocrity worshipped and sold.

    You can see why I could never have a job like this. My wife is almost as cynical of the limited artworld as I am, probably more, But she is a designer who creates art because she is not bound to the tiny art worlds conception of what that is, a politcally correct village of the ignorance is bliss cult. But she is far more charming than I am, and people like her because she is funny. And damn fiiine.

    You can see how I wouldnt quite fit in, I am a true individual, and can support myself without outside validation. That seven step therapy crap also being a huge part of the artiste today. Kinda went off on one of my gallery guys last nite, giving him jsut an inkling of my feelings. he does the gallery part at a jazz club, the best in lA. But even with real art around him, stil doens get it. Thats what a MFA will make you, tone deaf to reality. But he is OK, I guess, lazy and flaky as most, never replies to emails after telling me to write him so he doesnt forget. Artistes are so lame, art if for the strong, But taken over by the weak. Sport, as in these Olympics now define who we are far more than art. But can divide as much as unify. To much nationalist BS. Go USA! Sorry I am pissed, the USA-Spain game is going on and they wont show it on TV, jerks. Waiting for later dn better ratings. Go USA! Sorry, only in basketball.

    So go young man, once they see how you put this site together, you will get the job. You are ready for it, and maybe can sneak in an article of mine every once in awhile.:) with my limited typing skills, you think they would hire me? And with my attitude? LOL!

    Enjoy England. Let me know if you are stopping in LA on the way there.

  4. No chance of seeing me in the position Donald. I’ll just have the travel and attend the auctions thanks ;-)

    And thanks for the compliment, but I dont see myself on the inside of anything. I like looking in from the sideline too. Being on the inside or belonging to any particular idea encourages you to stop thinking for yourself which isnt half as interesting as being an outsider doing and thinking as he pleases.

    I’m not quite as cynical of the art world as you Donald, but I am old fashioned with my love of paint. I’ll never put ideas or concepts ahead of paint as I think ideas are secondary. My first love is paint and always will be.

    The universe is a whole other story that fascinates me endlessly too. It’s frustrating though as we can only guess at or theorize about this or that as the answers we’re looking for remain out of our reach.

    Not sure how your basketball team went but your swimmer is a freak of nature. I would check him for gills to make sure he’s not half fish as that wouldnt be fair on the competition.

  5. Donald Frazell says:

    We kicked ass. Dwayne Wade is back to his old self, Kobe still overdefending, not sure if that boy knows what a closeout is. But is so quick he creates alot of turnovers, but also gets burned and isnt fighting through pics.

    Sorry, thats another site. Phelps is freaky, would be hatin on them for using that damn girls suit, supposedly makes em faster, but he has dominated without it. Not sure if it is really working, the women aren’t doin so hot, you Aussies been cleaning up in the pool on the fairer sex side. And though Tyson Gay is a good guy, nice to see Jamaica win, like to see other countries win as we have the best training and equptment, to see others win shows great character and determination, as well as talent. Something the art world could use, and why so many ignore it now.

    Sports is far better drama, comedy the best writing these days. Do you have Comedy Central? Jon Stewart and Colbert are hilarious, and very well written. The absurdity of the last eight years can only be dealt with through laughter and the tears it brings out from the sad recolection of truth.

    See you have seen the runner bit above. Been tearing into them at the Guardian over this stuff, incredible, I though America had bad wannabe art. And rich folks spend money on this crap, pure decadence.

    But JJ is gone so no fun now, the last guy I dealt with talked a good game, then showed what he considered art. Mental issues, a Rosharch test of insecurity and weakness. Like I said, art used to be by and about and for the strong. Look what it has become. Now THAT needs a comedy routine. But is one itself. Like I said, one of my now favorite movies is Art School Confidential with John Malkovich and Angelica Houston, damn spot on the mark.

    So build your site up then, thought you would have more Brits and Aussies, didnt think you would have so many Yanks, but see lots of links to college websites and other bloggers here. Are computers new down under? Sorry, couldnt resist. Back to the games while drinking my coffee, then painting.

    My bathers series is coming along quite nicely. But not like Cezannes at all. more Matissean if anything. Try to stay realistic, but the more i work the line, the more it simplifies and find rhythms and forms in the human bodey, Amazing how bad these people are at drawing session, wouldnt know muscle groups from skeletal formations. Dont they teach anatomy anymore? Art should always imply all the organs and tissues, then build into the so called background. I never have one, it is all one.

    i am off, cheers! USA! USA! oops, sorry.

  6. Yeah we have comedy central here too (on pay tv). I like Jon Stewart, and Colbert in smaller doses. The political news on the Jon Stewart show is much more accurate and fair than anything on fox news.

    I notice that half your comments on the guardian art blog are removed by the moderator Donald.

    And yeah, I don’t know what it is about the low percentage of Aussies and Brits to art news blog. There is only 20 million people in Aus, but I do post quite a bit about things in Australia, so you would think there would be more Australians visiting.

    Let me know when you have your new bathers online too.. and I’ll see how constructively I can tear them

  7. Donald Frazell says:

    Be my guest, you can always try. I will when done, got alot of work done this weekend, stayed hom adn didnt leave the house, but got lots of yard work next weekend to make up for it, and gonna be a busy week. Drew out two smaller ones, and almost done on my larger one.

    The wife loves Australian designs, strong adn clean she says. and again, as art MUST have purpose, I find it much more interesting than contemporary art, which is so wishy washy adn PC its useless. Literaly. And why the new running man kicks as on the originals lack of intent. Laughter far more important than self absorbed exhibitionism. Give me about a month, and you can sharpen your critical fangs, and bite into some nice juicy work. I will wear my clove s of garlic and crucifix(if I ahd one) to ward off evil.

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