Art News and Views for the Week

Here’s some news and art resources for Monday..

  • SBS reports that the American photographer Spencer Tunick has been in Amsterdam for a nude shoot.
  • ArtDaily looks at a $20 million dollar portrait by Raphael.
  • Boston Globe talks about how the high prices of paintings may affect art museums.
  • ArtInfo reports that a British artist (or insane sicko, depending on how you see it), ate a corgi dog.
  • Karl talks about sex and drawing over at Art and Perception (OK, it mostly about drawing, but sex is mentioned too.)
  • The Telegraph takes a quick look at the art market in the UK, which includes £183,000 worth of nude Kate Moss photographs that were sold last week.
  • Jason Taylor will put art galleries out of business if his sculptures underwater idea catches on with art buyers.

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  1. that artist that ate the corgi, definately sick!!

  2. Art without vomit…. I saw an interesting show of sculpture by Paul Smith and paintings by Nicola Slattery which opened on Satureday in Cambridge UK. It’s still on and runs for a few weeks … worth a visit unless you only rate shock art or sick in which case you will be very dissapointed.

  3. Earl, remember to put the http:// in front the www of your website address, otherwise, if you start with www it comes up as an error.

    eg, your link looks like this to me..


  4. Thanks for the advice. Looking back upon many years of experience I find that much in life come up as “an error”.

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